10 Tourist Attractions in Bogor are Cheap & Fun to Visit

Bogor has many interesting sights. Visit the city of Bogor has various profound impression, seemed to visit the city in the past because there are many relics of the past.
Relics such as: BatuTulis inscription and the colonial era relics Netherlands first. Also impressed visiting the city of science, because here we find a lot of well-known universities such as University of IPB, Pakuan, UIK and more vocational schools are well known.

Bogor City

Attractions in Bogor
Even here we will find many institutions/scientific research institutions such as: CIFOR Research Hall and Rubber also museums are visited throughout the year such as: Museum of Zoology, the Museum of Ethnobotany and many other tourist spots in bogor.
As additional information, if you want a holiday to Bogor can see a list of cheap hotels in Bogor who already we informed earlier.
The other impression as city services, we easily find shopping centers in the city of Bogor as: Eka Lokasari Plaza, Bogor Trade Mall and Two Guava Mall. No less beautiful, we can still enjoy the beauty of nature in the extensive gardens namely Bogor botanical gardens and cool some of the city’s roads are shaded, leafy trees, such as Ahmad Yani streets and roads Dr. Semeru.

List of tourist attractions in Bogor
To know the details of each tourist attractions that can be enjoyed in the city of Bogor, here is info about 10 tourist attractions in Bogor are cheap are more:


1. Bogor botanical gardens

Bogor botanical gardens is a botanical garden with an area of more than 85 hectares and has a collection of plants more than 15.000 plants.
Bogor botanical gardens of Bogor’s attractions is the most suitable for a picnic, so it is not strange if at Bogor botanical gardens weekend filled with visitors. The price of the entrance ticket to Bogor botanical gardens is a 14.000 Rupiah per person.


2. The Jungle Water Park

The Jungle Water Park is located in the middle of a housing estate named Bogor Nirwana Residence. The Jungle Water Park is a water tour rides and fun, especially when you are a family who have small children.
In addition to the water rides, The Jungle Water Park also has facilities of Cinema 4 d, garden birds, and Giant Aquarium. Ticket prices The Jungle Water Park is 80.000 Rupiah per person.


3. Lake Situ Gede

Lake Situ Gede is a lake with an area of about 6 hectares and surrounded by forest. Lake Situ Gede is a place of recreation daily for Bogor who was fond of fishing, boat rides into the middle of the Lake, and a walk in the lush forest.
In addition, the forest Lake Situ Gede there are also many deer so that you can play with them. This tour is suitable for those of you who were on holiday with the family and children.


4. Marcopolo Water Adventure

MarcoPolo Water Adventure is located in Bukit Cimanggu City housing, exactly in the way of KH. Dharma Iskandar No. 1, Bogor. MarcoPolo Water Adventure is a game park with water games water boom, a hot water pool, children’s pool, a baby pool, a swimming pool, whirlpool, and others.
In addition, you can also play the flying fox, water bike, water balloons, fishing, and others at this location. The price of admission Marcopolo Water Adventure is 55.000 Rupiah.


5. Garden Tours Mekarsari

Garden Tours Mekarsari is one of the tourist spots in Bogor, in fact has become one of the icons of the city of Bogor. Garden Tours Mekarsari is the right choice for the citizens of Jakarta and its surrounding areas to remove the saturation of everyday work.
Had been closed for several months for renovations, are now a Tourist Park Mekarsari has reopened to the public offer tours of the grounds in the 264-hectare land with a wide range of leisure facilities for you and your family. In the park there are also rides Mekarsari Tourist water kingdom, a tour of the biggest water rides in Asia.


6. the Cisarua Safari Park

Cisarua Safari Park is one of the sights of the most crowded in Bogor on the visit at the weekend. The Cisarua Safari Park is located in the tourist area of the Summit offers the experience of seeing and interacting with different kinds of animals that live in its natural habitat.
In addition to offering the experience of interacting with animals during the day, Cisarua Safari Park also has a night safari program so you can see the activities of the animals at night.

If you want to visit a Safari Park in Cisarua the weekend, keep in mind that on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays peak region enforces a one-way system, usually a one-way ride at 9 a.m. up to 11.30 pm, and one way down at 3 pm until 6 pm. The price of admission is the Cisarua Safari Park 140.000 Rupiah per person.


7. Hometown Culture Sindangbarang

Kampong Sindangbarang Culture is located about 5 KM from Bogor, in the village of Pasir Eurih, Kecamatan Tamansari water Castle. Kampong Sindangbarang Culture is the oldest Kampong in Bogor who was believed to have existed since the days of the Sunda Kingdom in the 7th century.
In the village you can enjoy Sindangbarang Culture relics of the Kingdom of Pajajaran, enjoy and learn the arts of Sunda, a quiet village atmosphere, and others.


8. Hot Springs Tirta Sanita Ciseeng

Hot Springs Tirta Sanita Ciseeng is one of the favorite tourist spots in Bogor Bogor and beyond. Activities that can be done at Tirta Sanita Ciseeng, Bogor is a sulfur hot spring bathing is useful not only to relax, but also good for your health.
In addition to hot water bathing place, Tirta Sanita Ciseeng also features games that can be played for children and adults. The price of the entrance ticket to hot springs Tirta Sanita Ciseeng is 10.000 Rupiah per person, caution is sometimes there are some people who try to sell tickets not officially priced at 50.000 Rupiah or more.


9. Bogor Zoological Museum

True to its name, the Bogor Zoological Museum is a museum in Bogor had a collection of animals. This collection does not mean that such Zoological Museum of Bogor Cisarua Safari Park, but rather in the form of a collection of preserved animals and also fossil animals.
The Bogor Zoological Museum located in Bogor botanical gardens is a place of great educational tours because it has tens of thousands of different collections.


10. Warso Farm

Warso Farm or often called the garden of Durian and Fruits Warso was a tourist in Bogor, which is located in the village of Cihideung, about 10 KM from the Centre of Bogor.
Warso Farm very easily found because the gate of depanyna there is a replica of the durian fruit and Dragon fruit. Located on a land measuring about 8 hectares, Warso Farm is a tourist spot the estate that must be visited in Bogor.


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