10 Tourist Attractions in the town of Batu Malang for year end Holiday Special

This year you want to spend the year-end holidays to different places, not just celebrating new year 2017 in Jakarta or Bali? Maybe you can drop the selection onto the stone town of Malang.
If you want to spend the year-end holidays to the town of Batu, Malang. Then you can choose the following destinations so that holiday into the wretched Stone add special:

Malang City

Overview Of The Stone Town Of Malang

Do you know?
First, the administration area of the city of stone was actually entered in the administrative region of Malang, but with the changing times and changes in the structure of the Government of Indonesia.

Thus the area of the administration of the city of stone that is separate from the administration area of malang.

1. The tourist area of Talun Coban
Spend new years eve with sparkling fireworks in the midst of a magnificent urban atmosphere may already.
Now it’s time you holiday new year 2018 to nature with fresh air that accompanied the city stars.
Location: the tourist village of Tulungrejo sub-district of Talun Coban Bumiaji stone town.
The location of the camp is divided into several blocks, such as the block a-1 to A-7. Then the block B-1 to B-4, and C-7.
The price of one area of the camp: about IDR 100,000;
Admission tours Coban Talun: Rp 7,500/person

2. Batu Night Spectacular
You want to feel the atmosphere of the night stone town with a wide range of exciting rides-rides and spectacular? Then Batu Night Spectacular choice.
In Batu Night Spectacular, you can feel the spectacular rides rides such as the following:
Spectacular Show (Laser Show, Dancing Fountains, a Multimedia Show with Screen Length 50 M the longest in Indonesia)
Stage Entertainment with live music arts archipelago every day
Garden Lanterns
4 Dimensional cinema
Haunted House
Ghost Hunting
Family Karaoke
Game Room
Go Kart
Battle Area
Drag circuit Race, Road Race and Slalom which is equipped with the stands of spectators
Dim Sum Malang

Carnival Games such as:
Air Bike
Disco Bumper Car
Flying Chairs
Mary Go Round
Ali Baba
Mini Boom-Boom Car
Mini Train
Crazy Bike
Fun House
Laser Mission
Trick Art Gallery
Joy Land
Jump Around
Monkey Jump
Baby Wheel
Rockin’ Tug
Mega Mix
Magic Bounce

3. Jatim Park
If it feels incomplete on a vacation to the city of Batu Malang East Java but not visiting the Park.
Jatim Park is a vehicle as well as a place for recreation and learning located in Batu, East Java. Jatim Park is just 20 kilometres from the city of florist Malang.
Jatim Park is divided into two Jatim Park 1 and Jatim Park 2.
Then what is the difference of both?
If Jatim Park 1 is more intended as amusement and entertainment, then if Jatim Park 2 more intended as a place to learn a variety of things ranging from wildlife, natural sciences, biology and so on.

Jatim Park 1
These attractions have 36 rides, such as Volcano Coaster, Water, water Borne Pendulum Shot, Sky Swinger, as well as other rides.
Ticket Prices:
Weekend: IDR 100,000
Weekday: 30% Discount of the price of weekend
Location: JL. Kartika No.2, combs, Kec. Stone, stone town, East Java 65315
Opening hours: Monday-Sunday (8:30 AM – 4:30 PM)

Jatim Park 2
Jatim Park 2 offers 50 educational rides and 21 kinds of special children’s area, such as the Secret of the stone Zoo, this Tree Inn, Wildlife Museum, and others.
Ticket prices:
Weekend: Idr 120,000
Weekday: 30% Discount of the price of weekend
Location: Highway Oro-Oro Ombo No.9, Temas, Temas, Stone, Kec. Stone, stone town, East Java 65315
Opening hours: Monday – Friday (10.00 AM – 06.00 PM)

4. Stone town square Malang
When new year’s Eve, the town square Malang never deserted from the crowd society.
You can sit or lay down with on the mat while watching Fireworks and food tasting of typical East Java sold in the neighborhood of the town square Malang.

5. Transport Museum
Who said the museum was boring? This Transport Museum baseball kok. Transport Museum houses various types of means of transport from the antique to the most sophisticated.
Consists of several zones, educational zones, such as Italy, the United Kingdom, France, Batavia, and other countries of the zone.
Location: JL. Sultan Agung Canal No. 2, Ngaglik, Kec. Stone, stone town, East Java 65314
Ticket price: USD 100,000;
Counter open: 11:00 am EST
Counters close: 19:00 GMT
Opening hours: 12.00 – 20.00

6. Wooden House
When the new year you want to try different sensations like live in trees? Then you can choose a Wooden House.
Omah wood has the concept of a home with a wood material that was founded above the pine trees on the hillside
Location: Located in the Wana mountain tourism a lot which is located in the village Songgokerto, district stone, stone town. The village Songgokerto which is an area that is directly adjacent to the Sub-District Pujon, Malang.

Entrance Ticket:
There are two tickets to be paid:
Passes Wana mountain tourism: Rp 5,000/person
Admission to Omah wood: Rp 5,000/person
The cost of the stay:
Rental rates stay at Omah wood:
IDR 350.000/cabin per night weekday
RP 450,000/cabin per night for weekend

7. Stone of Wonderland
Stone of Wonderland is located near the East Java Park, Batu Night Spectacular (BNS) and Stone town square. Stone of Wonderland is a hotel complex, shopping center, playground, and mini waterpark.
Location: Jalan Imam Bonjol 9, a few metres from the red lights on the Lippo Plaza (formerly called Batos).
Ticket prices:
Monday – Saturday: Rp. 10,000
Sunday: IDR 20,000
Buoy rental ban for waterboom: IDR 20,000
Great tires at Rp 10,000
Rp 5,000 small tires

8. Eco Green Park
You can feel the concept which combines rides 37 nature tourism, culture, environment and art inspiring, interesting and educational.
Ticket Prices:
For Monday-Thursday: USD 30,000
Friday-Sunday: USD 40,000

9. The maze of coban rondo
Spend the holidays year-end, you could try a unique experience by exploring the maze of Coban Rondo. But be careful get lost ya!
Location: Pandesari, Pujon, Malang, East Java 65391
Ticket price: USD 10,000

10. Inggil Museum Resto
Explore stone town already satisfied the unfortunate, it’s time to enjoy the culinary specialties in the hapless Inggil Museum Resto.
This restaurant is unique in that it presents Javan cuisine along with pertujukan art while seeing antique collection of Java.
Location: Jl, Gajahmada No.4, Malang
Open hours: 10.00 – 22.00