11 Destinations popular tourist attractions in Yogyakarta must-see

Yogyakarta is a city with a million memories, all the people who do the holidays tour to Yogyakarta will certainly not be able to move on from the shadow of beauty which can only be found in Yogyakarta. No wonder multitudes of tourists who repeatedly choose jogja city became one of the city’s tourist destinations which are compulsory to be seen again and again. what the heck makes tourists always interested to come again to the city which is known also as a student city? of course the main thing is because of the Yogyakarta is interesting to visit. Unable to complete any more if Yogyakarta always crowded the arrival of many tourists who hunt visited attractions in Yogyakarta. That is because the popularity of tourism in jogja is known for unique, not just known by tourists Indonesia alone but also the foreign tourists. A very strong culture make the hallmark of jogja city always stuck in the hearts of every tourists visiting. In the article this time will discuss some of the sights of jogja starting from the usual, the latest, unique up to hidden anti mainstream tourism in jogja. Of course all the tourist must visit for a taste of new experiences when they visit jogja. Curious? Check out this article continues with good Yes.

Candi Borobudur Jogja

1. The Ramayana Prambanan (Trimurti)
Starting from the first tempatwisataindonesia.id share is cultural tourism of jogja, namely sendra dance at held at prambanan Temple. Visit prambanan Temple in the afternoon will be very ordinary. But visit prambanan Temple in the evening at the moment for this dance will feel sendra is incredible. This tour will make a tour of the night that you spend it will feel more complete. But to see the Ramayana Ballet, this can only be seen when the dry season only because the stage to host this exhibition is open with a background of penggung grandeur of prambanan Temple.

2. Beach Wedi Ombo
Heading to the beaches, the beach is a beach that is now quite popular among tourists. What makes the wedi ombo Beach located in gunung kidul is becoming different and makes many tourists curious? That makes it different from other beaches is because it has a few spots with solid rock cluster nan unique. In addition to this white sandy beach with great waves it has a beautiful beach which make tourists enthralled with cheap ticket prices festive i.e. Rp. 5000,-

3. Mount Merapi National Park
One of the never-forgotten tragedy of Yogyakarta is merapi eruption to the detriment of many parties. But behind the terrible tragedy it is stored tours merapi jogja in the form of the National Park of merapi mountain which has a very cool atmosphere and menenangan inhabitants. In one of the natural attractions of Yogyakarta destinations you can do a variety of activities to enjoy natural beauty around merapi gunugn IE: can do trekking scenic tropical green hitan merapi mountain, visit the baths tlogo muncar tlogo putri and, to get to see the landscape of the boyong river valleys affected by the effects of the deposition of the heat clouds.

4. the Ratu Boko Temple
If it feels incomplete to Yogyakarta but not to this temple. Yes, ratu boko Temple is a temple which houses exotic side. What the heck is presented when visiting cheap tour Ratu Boko Temple in Yogyakarta? the expanse of grass and debris Temple relic from the heyday of the Kingdom in antiquity will greet us with warm, do not miss to enjoy a special moment when visiting this temple. You should visit this temple before 4 pm to enjoy how his exotic looks at the sunset from the spot of the gate of Ratu Boko site. In addition to its location which is located in the hilly area, you can also see the beautiful city from this height. No wonder this temple become tourist destinations in jogja which is much visited by tourists. To go to Ratu Boko Temple just by buying tickets at Rp. 25,000,-or it could also buy them via the prambanan Temple of prambanan Temple, then will be delivered using the shuttle up to the location of the Ratu Boko Temple given the distance is far enough.

5. Malioboro
This nih many assault by tourists who want to buy all the necessities that smelled of jogja. Basically, along the outskirts of malioboro is the market souvenirs of jogja peddling a variety of needs, from a wide range of clothing, jewelry, trinkets up to special food of Yogyakarta. Malioboro, Yogyakarta jogja shopping tour a place that should not be until you miss when visiting jogja. Most tourists going to the film when shopping at malioboro is because of the price range of the products is very cheap. So much shopping though cannot felt because the money spent can still be controlled.

6. the Babbler
Tepus itself more to a town that exists in gunung kidul who became one of the locations where the jogja has some spots of the beach at once and of course all the beaches that are in the area this babbler everything is wonderful. Indeed the previous location of this beach is quite deserted because the local Government has not been heavily restructure existing beaches. But as time goes by, this beach is being groomed and much visited by tourists because of the beauty of the coast. Beach tourism area Off this gunung kidul in Yogyakarta tourist attractions including the latest earlier this beach because not as many as now. What are the beaches that exist in the area of this Off? There are indrayanti Beach, beach, beach suing poj jogan, beach, sundak Beach and each of these has its own beauty beaches all of which will keep you entranced. At the time of the endless summer Potpourri will incur the tourists to enjoy the beautiful beaches of gunung kidul. With a ticket price which is very very cheap, namely only ranges from 2 – 6 thousand dollars only with difficulty could enjoy the beautiful white-sand beach with crystal clear sea water and exotic landscapes.

7. Taman Sari
Yogyakarta tourism object that this one is the site of a Royal triumph remains a part of the Palace which still stands firmly with all its splendor. Although this site is in the citizens pemikiman populous still tours the taman sari being obliged to visit. Taman sari include tourist attractions close to malioboro, florist Jogja so that access to taman sari is very easy. Although the location is nyempil in the middle of this settlement, but no need to worry because many directions which will guide you to your destination. That becomes interesting spot there in taman sari complex this is a bathing pool that supposedly is where the wife of the sultan is attached and also underground tunnel showed the splendor of its own if visiting the taman sari. The price of admission, namely taman sari. 5000,-only.

8. the Yogyakarta Palace
The Palace is the city of Yogyakarta with the beauty of the best architectural masterpiece of jogja that shows the grandeur of the Kingdom. The Palace became one of the family attractions in Yogyakarta because in addition shows the grandeur, the children can also learn about the history of Yogyakarta. Take a stroll around the complex of the Palace will keep you amazed by the beauty of the Palace. These sights are indeed very sacred but no care from the military, why? Because it is believed that the robustness of the Palace which keeps is a subtle invisible creatures.

9. Tour of the waterfalls of Kulon Progo
Jogja menyiman a myriad of attractions which are all unique and interesting to visit waterfalls was no exception. In one of the counties there are diprovinsi i.e. kulon progo Yogyakarta menyiman tourist destinations or curug in Yogyakarta. Several waterfall tourism in jogja that can be found in kulon progo, among others, curug grojogan sewu located at jatimulyo village forts, girimulyo, district. Pay only parker Rp. 2000-only you can already menikmasti grojokan sewu waterfall freshness. Then flower waterfall located within the village of soka gunugn kelir, jatimulyo, girimulyo, kulon progo. Admission to visit the kawaran waterfall is also very cheap, namely only with ticket paying Rp. 3000.0. Not far from kembang soka, you can visit the curug kedung pedut which has its own beauty that is flanked by two cliffs and water colored tosca made tourists be tempted to play the water disekitas lokais waterfall.

10. Gembira Loka Zoo
Children’s attractions in Yogyakarta, this one is not less interesting with other natural tourism twmpat. Yes, gembira loka zoo you can see a variety of wildlife closer no doubt this experience will leave you impressed. Tourism objects in Yogyakarta is ideal for your holidays together with family and children. A variety of wildlife ranging from the reptile, bird, and beast is on gembira loka zoo are well maintained. many of the facilities of the playground can be used so that visiting gembira loka zoo will never feel boring aka boring.

11. Yogyakarta Bay Pirates Adventure Waterpark
Now he’s one of the new tourism in jogja that digadang-gadang be the biggest wterpark the Southeast Asia. This tour became popular among tourists because many are curious as good as apasih waterpark on this one. certainly not disappointing because an awful lot of water rides that are super duper interesting and very exciting. Play water in Yogyakarta bay will be very memorable moments will always be so marked. Waterpark is open daily with a ticket price of Rp. 60,000 for kids, and adults-Rp. 90,000.0.

Well that’s more or less tours, culinary jogja Yogyakarta nature tourism destinations that can be recommended at this time the article based on the level of visitors who come each year. Of course there are still many of the latest tourist attractions in Yogyakarta must-see when you take a vacation to Yogyakarta. No wonder to explore Yogyakarta is not enough if it is only a day away, had to spend several days to explore the sights of jogja and surrounding areas like until satisfied.