13 attractions in Banjarmasin you must visit

If talk about Tourism in Banjarmasin, some of you will be reminded with the selling activities of mothers on the water which called floating market or Floating Market. Maybe because in the 90s activity floating market never existed on national television, and success becomes tourist attraction to visit in Banjarmasin. Thus, whether the sights into tourist attraction Banjarmasin just floating market that alone? Obviously not, many other tourist attractions in the city that in the city of a thousand dubbed this river which exists only in the city and dear to you miss, either natural or made by the community and local government. Indeed most of the attractions are not far away from the River, probably because of the existence of a thousand rivers became an icon of the city, so that the public and local governments utilize it becomes an interesting tourist attractions.
Thus, where the only attractions in Banjarmasin should you visit?


This is the 13 attractions in Banjarmasin you must visit

1. Diamond Lokba floating market
Diamond Lokba floating market is a market or location in which doing buy and sell on a boat klotok River (small boat typical Banjarmasin).
When it feels incomplete to Banjarmasin yet to the floating market, this floating market is the characteristic city of Banjarmasin already well-known by tourists domestic and foreign tourists.
Diamond lokba floating market already in Banjar Kingdom since time began in the 18th century. The average traders came from the village of them like a river around Lenge, River Lily, streams, rivers, Natural Nail Saka Bunut, Madang, Sungai Tanifah and the river Baintan Lok.

Lok Baintan floating market is the only natural floating market in Indonesia even the world, the location of the diamond lokba floating market itself was in the flow of the River, the village of Martapura River Pinang, Sungai Tabuk, Kab. Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan. Diamond Lokba floating market are included in the administration of the Government. Banjar. But many travelers more familiar that this floating market is located in the city of Banjarmasin. For the region Banjarmasin itself there are two floating market, the first floating market Muara Kuin Floating Market and a second River Siring Martapura.

To get to this floating market there are several options:
Martapura River – by using klotok River
To go to the floating market Lokba Diamond kelotok by renting through from the city of Banjarmasin, there is some point dock klotok River, such as in front of KODIM, Siring the river Kuin and Martapura. We can order the day before or directly to the location of the dock at about 05:00 a.m. local time (after Fajr prayers), usually they’re standby from 04.00. With mileage of approximately 30 minutes from the center of the city of Banjarmasin.
– By land with the use of a motorcycle or car
road trip from Banjarmasin through the Veterans then straight following the road to sungai Tabuk. with mileage of about one hour from downtown Banjarmasin.
– Using ground vehicles and a klotok River
Other Alternativ i.e. advance toward the River, the left Lulut you will find a mosque there and looked to the suspension bridge. From here the trip can be extended by using the kelotok from there, travel approximately 1 hour from the city of Banjarmasin.

But as a true traveler the best option is to use kelotok from the city of Banjarmasin’s famous city of a thousand rivers, from there we will find a lot of unique things along the journey i.e. community life on the river Martapura, let alone for a hobby friends photos will be many objects about the activities of the citizens of Banjarmasin in the morning.
And need to be in the know, the diamond Lokba floating market traders began arriving from after the 05.00 in the morning or dawn and began to disperse at around 07:30 a.m. local time.
2. Muara Kuin floating market

In South Kalimantan there are hundreds of River became an important transportation up to now. Sights ever resting on the River, like the floating market in the city of Banjarmasin Muara Kuin..
Floating market is the same as diamond lokba floating market, but its a different location i.e. were above the Barito River at the mouth of the river kuin.
Complete address of muara kuin floating market, namely on JL. Kuin Utara, Kel. Kuin Selatan, Kec. Banjarmasin City West, Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan.
Same with the diamond lokba floating market, this floating market operation began after dawn, around 05.00 in the morning until the sun rises around 07.30

To go to the floating market Muara Kuin we can directly to the North, then take Kuin boat kelotok boat or motor that is usually available at the pier-the pier along the river kuin. One of them could be through a pier near the historical mosque Sulltan Suriansyah, bearing.
In addition to the traders selling vegetables and buahan wares above jukung (small boats), there are also food stalls are also floating. The menu here is the famous Soto Banjar this is typical of the Banjarmasin dining can with rice or lontong, however people here prefer it with rice cake. Scrumptious is definitely when eating this banjar soto on a boat while looking fro ships and boats. In addition to its own Sotonya there is a rice cake and soup also features strips of chicken and meat rice vermicelli and sweet tea. In addition to the banjar soto, culinary there is usually in this floating market i.e. wadai (cake) typical of banjar, such as: apam, bingka, wadai ring, pare, for, lapat, tape etc.

3. Floating market Siring Martapura River

His difference with the previous floating market, river floating market in siring martapura enterprising program this is a floating market by the Government of the city of Banjarmasin in order to preserve the floating market.
The location of this floating market namely in Siring River Martapura on JL. Piere Tandean Captain City of Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan. But unlike the other ones floating market which is open every day, the floating market here open only every Sunday morning from 07.00 – 12.00 WITA. With the implementation of the floating market in Siring the Martapura River is located in the city centre are expected to further bring closer the floating market with the community. In addition it may be because around this floating market there are also other interesting attractions, such as the Tower of view, Siring River martapura, and proboscis monkey make this market is getting crowded.

In this floating market traders docked in suburban areas, and the buyer siring over titian floats with bamboo trays. Martapura River siring floating market is most lively visit at compare the market Floating Kuin Floating Market and Lokba Diamond, perhaps because of the easy access to here and a hefty long time operation of these traditional markets, making floating market Siring River Martapura as entertainment community favorite Banjarmasin to fill the vacation time with family or friends.
For the goods on sale in this floating market, about the same as the other ones floating market, there is a wide range of culinary, various typical wadai Banjar, fruits, seeds and tree planting, and Certainly in their selling price average is very cheap.

4. Flower Island

Hibiscus island is one of the favorites that are in Banjarmasin, we can visit after the floating market. The island is administratively included in Kecamatan Alalak, Barito Kuala Regency. But to go there is usually the community through the city of Banjarmasin due to its location closer to wit is West of the city of Banjarmasin.
Pulau Kembang is located in the middle of the Barito River is a delta that is formed naturally. Hibiscus island is a forest that lies below the pemangkuan conservation come within the Conservation of the natural resources of South Kalimantan covering an area of 60 Ha. A unique part of this Flower is that its inhabitants are not humans, but rather the long-tailed macaques and the proboscis monkey, proboscis monkey but to rarely found here, which is often seen hundreds and even thousands of monkeys that everyday play here.
5. Garden River Siring Martapura

One of the interesting places to visit in Banjarmasin, namely Garden Street in Martapura River siring Captain Pierre Tendean Banjarmasin. The Park is also covered by many trees so that the still small voice and shady atmosphere made many people spend time in the siring of Martapura River.
For a typical day in this lively new siring Parks in the afternoon and evening, people often spend time Banjarmasin in the afternoon after a day of work with the family playing in the garden of siring River martapura. In addition to the afternoon in the evening many on the visit by the young adults have, they berkumpul-kumpul with her friends, or the community here.

In Garden this siring Many merchants selling food, for hours of operations, actually throughout the day there are only people who visit here, but the usually lively start at 17.00: up close around midnight: so can be said of the Garden River Siring Martapura is one of the many night tour site visit in the city of Banjarmasin. Traders here sell average menu at affordable prices and in accordance with the tastes of the young people, the menu provided here such as: fried rice, fried potatoes, roasted corn, fried tofu, coffee, milk, juices and a variety of other foods and beverages.
In the garden of siring River martapura if pas Sunday/holiday more crowded again, many visitors after jogging or car free day around a mosque sabilal muhtadin they will break or culinary tour along the martapura River siring children, here a lot of traders are selling a variety of food and beverage jeis, such as banjar: typical wadai Bingka potatoes, tapai, wadai ring , steamed bread to wadai, apam etc. For food such as Ketupat kandangan,: soto banjar, yellow rice, satay, etc. Beverages such as ice cream, ice tombs of former pop, fruit juice, ice, and many more types of food and other drinks, even her merchant any passable a lot about 50 people more. In addition in the Garden this siring there is also a variety of toys for children, such as motor-motoran, fishing grounds, and also create a lot of selling t-shirt, glasses, tongsis, etc.

In addition to gathering of dealers and buyers in the Park also serve in siring macam2 performances, such as panting, dance music, dayak, martial arts, etc. But the most frequent are the performances of music characteristic of banjar panting.
In addition to that in the above sebutin there’s more community gatherings that exists in the city of Banjarmasin, like community inlineskate, skateboard, BMX, traveller, boat modelling, gymnastics, dance, traditional dance, photography, Jetsky, etc. And there is also a community fire fighting Ranks (CPC) gathered here but usually the time is late afternoon till before maghrib.
So many in the area of Garden River this siring martapura so very dear in missed for the community of Banjarmasin and tourists who himself to the city of Banjarmasin.

6. Tower of the standpoint of Banjarmasin

The Tower’s point of view this in Banjarmasin launches in June 2014, the tower was still in the neighborhood Garden River Siring martapura, on JL. Piere Tendean city of Banjarmasin. The Tower has 4 floors, spacious building is 1 x 36 M, height 31 m. Tower architecture of the building is typical of the banjo, with a capacity of top-floor load 200 people. The building on the ground floor front and back walls is not his, 2nd floor and 3rd floor there are the walls, the floor and the top 4 are not walled well, so visitors who come to ride to the top of the tower could see the river view Martapura, multi-storey buildings around the river and the view from the top of the other Tower.

Banjarmasin Standpoint Tower is open daily, but for the time specified by the person who manages the Tower i.e. Tourism city of Banjarmasin i.e. Monday-Friday 10.00-21.00, Saturday: 10.00-22.00 and Sunday: 08.00-21.00 WITA.
To enter the Tower tour point of view we are not in Banjarmasin collect fees sepersen aka free, so we only charge for the parking of vehicles alone already can go up to the tower and enjoy the city views from atop the Tower of Banjarmasin.

7. Statue of proboscis monkey

6.5 Meter tall statue of the proboscis monkey with a value of Rp 2.6 billion was made by the Government of the city of Bacolod and completed in October 2015 and then it became a new tourist attraction to Banjarmasin, it can be seen that visitors to the hectic at holidays or late afternoon on a typical day.
The location of the statue of the proboscis monkey is situated on the banks of the river siring Martapura, Road Captain Pierre Tendean Banjarmasin. His position is still in a tourist area with siring River martapura, and the standpoint of Banjarmasin.

Nasalis Larvatus latin named animals was made in the form of a statue in a sitting position while scratching my head and the hand holding the other fruit serenteng rambai, with a similar color as the original IE color reddish brown. Rambai is a typical fruit forests of Borneo which is a favorite food of proboscis monkey.
Physically proboscis monkey is a monkey that has a reddish-brown colored hair, has a long nose and large living on the island of Borneo with the spread in the area of mangrove forests, swamps and forests of the coast. This species spends much of her time at the top of the tree and live in groups of between 10 and 32 monkeys in one place. This animal is the Mascot of South Kalimantan province based on the Governor’s DECREE No. 29 Th 1990.

In siring already exists from other tourist destinations such as the Tower of artificial floating market and the Government of the city of Banjarmasin. Now, its magnetic coupled with the presence of a statue of a Brown and white-skinned ape nosed high.
Even now the statue in the near wake 2 basketball courts, so many visitors there in addition to the berfoto-foto with the statue of the proboscis monkey, or simply see the sights around and a klotok River boat passengers, also use as a container for get-togethers of sports lovers bsket made this place is getting crowded.

To enter the tourist attractions statue of proboscis monkey Banjarmasin, not in Kenya at any cost, so this place is indeed in the peruntukkan society and all walks of life, but in this location there is no parking lot, so we can me markirkan our vehicles in taher square is across from the statue of the proboscis monkey, or near the martapura River siring garden there is the Tower’s point of view.

8. Garden Wildlife Banjarmasin

For those of you who like to tour at an affordable price while adding to the knowledge of the animals in the city of Banjarmasin? May garden wildlife Banjarmasin this is the right place.
Garden Wildlife Banjarmasin is one of the many attractions on the visit by tourists especially residents who reside in the city of Banjarmasin.
Children who start many in 2014 it experienced some development from time to time, from which animals are not much until now animals and his zone had more and more.
Garden Wildlife Banjarmasin is located at JL. Jahri Saleh, Kelurahan surgi mufti, Kec. Banjarmasin North, Banjarmasin. The Park is located in the heart of the capital city of South Kalimantan has many kinds of animals which can be seen and on enjoy its beauty by visitors.

There are 63 kinds of poultry such as chickens, ornamental chickens bangkok, and many other types of chicken. Another zone of aves many types of birds, such as crows, pigeons, birds. Alligator zone we can see some of the crocodile’s tail in the water. In our water wildlife zone can meet cranes, ducks, etc. While in the zone of primates we can see typical animals of Borneo are Banjarmasin Town mascot in animals i.e., proboscis monkey, there also were there Civet, cassowary, warik (APE) and many more.
The Park is known also as pious zafri Zoo you can visit it and see the animals it every day from 08.00 to 18.00: Wita. But the crowded by visitors is during the holidays. Most are here to bring the whole family including her little children, because in addition to the many variety of wildlife here also many playgrounds for children, such as toy cars, outdoor shower rod and ball.

9. Musuem Wasaka

Wasaka Museum stands for “Steel To Kaputing” which is the motto of the struggle of the people of South Kalimantan in Swedish, meaning is a determination of the fighters that are on kalsel against the Dutch to move blood. This museum berarsitekkan the traditional House of banjar high ridge//home staging.

The Museum is located in the outskirts of the Wasaka River martapura, Alley h. Andir, kampung ulu, Kampung sungai boxwood jingah, city of Banjarmasin. To go to the museum of the wasaka could this be by land or river martapura.
The contents of the Museum are, among others, Logo or coat of arms of the 13th district in Kalsel, photos of tempo in the past, officials of the Governor’s reply has served since 1953 to the present, the people’s struggle kalsel caricatures, objects such as history, a set of table and chairs of ulin and rattan, firearms, traditional weapons VOC ex, Kris, pointy bamboo, typewriters, uniforms, some fashion model of old times, and much more.

The Museum is located under the bridge in this Newer Banua launches in November 10, 1991 by IR. h. Muhammad Said, Governor of 1984-1995 province of South Kalimantan.
Wasaka Museum is open daily except Monday. Visitors can come on a Tuesday through Thursday 08.30-13.30, Friday 08.30-10.30, Saturday 08.30-12.30, and Sunday 08.30-13.30. to visit our kenai is not in his charge, simply fill out the guest list that already provide the Manager we can able to see the remains of ancient kalsel community struggles.

10. Tourism Fringing the river Barito and Martapura

Banjarmasin is the city has many rivers. From small streams to large, so dubbed by the city of Banjarmasin Thousand Rivers. And rivers that connect/connect between one river with the River to the other. Moreover, the community is still largely use Banjarmasin rivers as a place for daily activities.

The uniqueness of this make fringing the River in Banjarmasin tour is very popular with tourists.
fringing the river tour martapura River barito in Banjarmasin and this might be his one-one in Indonesia and not found in other areas. In addition to its location on the River with River-River in Banjarmasin the river Barito and Martapura, muara kuin River, the uniqueness of the other i.e. tourists down the river the boat kelotok (small boat). So while climbing the boat kelotok this unique tourist can see directly the activities of society and the environment around the latter.
As for the usual route bypassed by tourists fringing the Banjarmasin River;
– the river Kuin, i.e. look at the life of the community on the edge of the River, trees, kuin floating market (mornings), Masjid Sultan Suriansyah, bearing, the mausoleum of Sultan Suriansyah, bearing.
– the Barito River, seeing the Flower Island, ships carrying foodstuffs or coal passed thatch, Barito Bridge.
Alalak Rivers (The Center Of Making The Boat).
– River Martapura, enjoy views of tours such as; Museum of the Wasaka, lokbaintan floating market (mornings), Soto Banjar Sabilal Muhtadin Mosque,, floating market siring River martapura (Sunday morning), the statue of the proboscis monkey, the Tower’s point of view and there’s more other rivers has its own uniqueness.
To start him there are several options, get past the pier siring martapura River is near the statue of the proboscis monkey, past City Hall, Banjarmasin, Pier a pier along the river and the river kuin alalak.

11 Sabilal Muhtadin Mosque.

Sabilal muhtadin Mosque is an icon of religious tourism in the province of South Kalimantan. The mosque has a lot of unique, both in terms of the history of the establishment and form of the building.
In the history of its construction is mentioned, the name of the construction – Sabilal Muhtadin swallow 3.685 U.s.d. funds billion – was in honor and appreciation of Great Scholars (deceased), Sheikh Muhammad Arsyad al-Banjary (1710-1812 M) in one of his famous ‘ Sabilal Muhtadin ‘, which during his life deepening and developing Islamic Banjar Kingdom in South Kalimantan or now. This great scholars not only known throughout the archipelago, but is known and respected crossed the line his country up to Malacca, Philippines, Bombay, Mecca, Medina, Istanbul and Egypt.

This mosque is the largest mosque in the city of Banjarmasin in South Kalimantan’s largest even this in launches by President Soeharto on February 9, 1981, the building of the mosque began to wall, floor, turap plaza, Tower and entirely berla piskan marble. The building consists of a main building is approximately 5250 sq M two-story worship space i.e. can accommodate worshipers ± 7,500 and terrace and verandah can also accommodate approximately 7,500 pilgrims so that a total of approximately 15,000 worshipers, the Tower consists of 1 large tower height ± 45 metres and 4 small towers each ± 21 meters.
The location of this street masjidi Sudirman, the village of great Antasan, Banjarmasin, central city of Banjarmasin.
Sabilal Muhtadin Mosque is the Centre of activities of Islam in South Kalimantan often became the center of the great days of warning Muslims such as: Pray Eid and Eid al-Adha, warning, warning Ascension Isra Maulid Nabi, the anniversary of Al-Qur’an – Completing and others. This mosque gave a religious color is very typical and condensed minivan Banjarmasin particularly in the broadcasting of the Islamic religion. The mosque is in a week is not empty of recitation-penajian religion or Assembly Ta’lim. Assembly Ta’lim delivered by great scholars who are in South Kalimantan, the scholars who gave a talk here are indeed very trusted people to give a lesson on Islamic jurisprudence which was performed by the Prophet.
As befits Muslim Mosque activities as Kingdom Sabilal Muhtadin also comes with the presence of Islamic Institutions which parenting education activities from KINDERGARTEN level s/d HIGH SCHOOL, namely the Islamic school which much be Sabilal Muhtadin concern citizens. Beside that, it also comes with a public library, Sabilal Muhtadin Da’wah Radio, Sports as well as means of FILLING STATIONS.
Sabilal Muhtadin mosque which has a unique shape with a distinctive Dome, ideal for on the visit when in Banjarmasin due to this Mosque complex also contains of forest city and not far from the Park’s mascot, Siring River Martapura and standpoint of Banjarmasin.

12. Historical mosque of Sultan Suriansyah, bearing

Masjid Sultan Suriansyah, bearing or Mosque Kuin is historical mosque in the city of Banjarmasin and is also the oldest mosque in South Kalimantan, which became a milestone in the development of the muslim community in South Kalimantan.

The mosque of Sultan Suriasnyah in founded in the reign of Sultan Suriansyah, bearing (1526-1550 M), where he was the first King who converted to Islam relic in South Kalimantan. Sultan Suriansyah, bearing testament of which at that time was still called the Prince of the ocean who sent the Grand Vizier Balit sought help to Demak Sultanate in the North of the island of Java in the war against his own Uncle Prince Tumenggung contested power in Banjar area. The help request turned out to be accepted and welcomed by the Treaty was later Prince of Ocean will embrace Islam if victorious in the war. This is where the history of the mosque began, with the victory of Prince Ocean then needed a means of worship for the new muslim community was formed. Then in the year 1526, forming the Sultan Suriansyah, bearing ini the inception of Sultanate of Banjar.

The mosque was named after Sultan Suriansyah, bearing because it was built on the initiative of and in the reign of Sultan Suriansyah, bearing. 490 old mosques this year has some uniqueness, in terms of its physical, building this mosque is loaded with Banjar culture, values and belief in Islam symbolize about the early history of Islam on Earth Lambung Mangkurat florist Banjarmasin.
The mosque is built in the style of architecture typical of the Banjar with home construction stage, overall building this mosque is still made of ulin wood. Ulinnya wood still seems sturdy, clean and well maintained.

13. Kampung Sasirangan

Yet to Banjarmasin if not bring gift shop from the city of a thousand rivers, and one of the souvenirs of the city of banjarmain, South Kalimantan namely Batik cloth Sasirangan. Sasirangan is a traditional fabric of South Kalimantan. This cloth is often a favorite souvenir for tourists visiting the South Kalimantan. In the city of Banjarmasin own sales Centre is in the BNI Sasirangan Kampoeng Banjarmasin or often abbreviated Kampung Sasirangan.
Kampung Sasirangan in addition to the place of sale there is also a place of batik making distinctive South Kalimantan, where batik is still using traditional means such as batik in Java.
Kampung Sasirangan is located on the street opposite the mosque, Contending the alley, Rt 04, the village of Kampung Melayu, Banjarmasin. Kampong sasirangan became one of the tourist souvenirs craft fabrics and fashion sasirangan in Banjarmasin since 2010. Formation of kampung sasirangan by the municipal government tourism agency aims to make it easier buyers Banjarmasin at once means coaching to micro small and medium enterprises.

The history of this Sasirangan original Fabric originally used or trusted to cure for people who were suffering from an illness (pamintaan). It used to be this cloth worn on ceremonial Banjar area tribes. This sasirangan cloth shaped pieces of laung (headband), kekamban (veil) and tapih (the glove) bumin. As a dye extracted from natural dyes such as ginger, banana trees, pandanus leaf etc.
Ini with the times, and sasirangan is now not only a custom clothing but also into clothing typical of South Kalimantan that are used in everyday life. Sasirangan fabrics are often made of materials for clothing worn by both men and women, also for everyday school uniform, the uniform Government offices and private and used to attend either the official or non-official. In addition, sasirangan also looked at other products, namely kebaya, scarves, curtains, table cloth, handkerchief, bed linens, and more. so are you interested with the sasirangan and visiting kampung sasirangan is this?