14 the appeal of tourist attractions In the Kudus City of Central Java

Writings from the wall Wallpaper Online this time will we give the theme “Amazing Of Kudus” mean more or less is the beauty of the Kudus City. Kudus is a district that has the most narrow in Central Java province. The town itself is Kudus 42,516 Hectares only. Kudus district has 9 districts and 131 villages that happened to be conveniently located in the Central Java regional – East Java. Kudus Regency is bordered by Jepara Regency, Pati, Grobogan, Demak. The Kudus City is very famous for its various industrial plants, commercial and religious sectors.

Kudus City

Talking about the Kudus City, then don’t complete it feels if we discuss the matter of tourist attractions. Why? yaaa …. anu due to join the title only. Hehehhee …..

Okay just go ahead we will provide information about 14 sights of the Kudus City which became the attraction for tourists. It turns out in this Kudus City has attractions ranging from the education, history, nature, mountain, religious, culinary, culture, etc. They will try us auto summary below.

1. Museum of the Kudus sights of Kretek
This Kudus kretek Museum is located 3 Km South of the Centre of the Kudus City, more precisely in the village of Brittle Pejaten, Teak, the Kudus City. Kretek Museum was built as a symbol of struggle for the Kudus City in the business world clove cigarettes. In the museum there are Kudus Kretek assorted ancient equipment and materials around tmbakau and cigarettes and smoking klobot. Sleain there is also diaroma which describes lngkah process of making cigarettes starting from planting tobacco until the sale of the finished product. Curious it goes could you take a look at the full profile of kretek Museum.

2. The traditional House of the Kudus City
Kudus has a traditional House of the famous “Joglo Pencu”. The traditional House of the Kudus City described the nature of the Kudus Hindu religious texts community/religious from Grandma monyang. that became the hallmark of uniqueness and custom homes in this Kudus City sculptures. The carving on this Kudus custom homes has lots of style and kombonasi, from the style of carving Chinese carving Europe, Persian, Hindu and Islamic Carvings Carvings.

3. The identity of the sacred Monument
If there are Joga tugu Jogja in the famous Kudus City, then there is also a well-known identity monument. The monument is called “Kudus Monument of identity”. The pillar of this identity is in front of the Sun shopping mall. The location is very conveniently located since it is in the middle/Center of the Kudus City. If you go to the town then it is ascertained through the pillar of this identity. On the history of this monument is a monument to the people’s struggle for freedom in the Kudus City of RI. The shape of the monument of the Kudus stylisasi, this is the identity of the Tower, which to date has been building in the district as a symbol of the city: the Kudus Central Java.

4. Garden Tour Special
Sights “Garden Tour Special” is located in the village of Wergu wetan Kec. Kudus City, rather be in GOR (Sports Building) or often referred to as GOR Wergu. Friends, this is one of the Special attractions intended for children. in tourist grounds there are a variety of special sculpture education in the form of animals such as dinosaurs, hippopotamus, Lion, giraffe, elephant, etc. Attractions Parks krida is also an awful lot of kids games so that your child will be invited to return home before the hard place it close.

5. The Kudus places of religious tourism Tower
Kudus Tower tourist attraction is situated 1.5 km to the West from the center of the Kudus City/Square/junction seven. The sights of the Kudus Tower was located in the village of Kauman Kec. The Kudus City. The history and science of research notes that this Kudus Tower was a building in ancient Hindu culture and acculturation results of Islam at the time. Who built the Tower of the Kudus? the Kudus Tower was mengdirikan Syeh Ja ‘ far Saadiq in height that is 1685.

6. The cultural tradition of the Kudus City
The activities of substitutions cloth packed Sunan Kudus and Sunan Muria or often called Open Luwur is also the attraction for tourism. Because in a procession of open luwur there are a variety of Arts and cultural groups of the Kudus City. As for the activity to enliven this ritual event is with the dress rehearsal-spring Dewot dress rehearsal and sendang ivory. In addition to the dress rehearsal dress rehearsal-there are also other activities conducted in several villages in the Kudus City include:
Byiwer village and staging klitik in Wonosoco, Colo.
Maulidan Jawiyan in the village of Panduren,
Ampyang Maulid Festival in the village of Loram Wetan,
Mbah Rogomoyo haul in the villages of Japan,
Patiayam Festival in the village of Terban
Bedhug Dhandhangan/Dandangan in the Centre of the Kudus City.

7. Kudus Wonosoco tourism village
Kudus has a village that was made as a tourist village that is the village Wonosoco. This tourist village located in the South of the Kudus City. To go to the place a tourist village is also not difficult because all the way Kudus Purwodadi there will be promotional banner that reads instructions tourist village. The uniqueness of the village here that is very beautiful and green, tourists can enjoy the green rice field and Karst mountains Kendeng Ciujung stretching wide East to West.

8. Place the ancient Patiayam Education Museum
Archeological museum attractions patiayam is located in the village of Jekulo, district Terban, Kudus, Central Java. It’s easy to get to the attractions of the museum. If you are from is already up in the city centre then take direction to the Starch/Surabaya. After arriving in the village of Jekulo then it will look after the site Patiayam which are on the left side of the road. The location of this museum’s attractions are on the left of the entrance is around 300 metres away. in this there are many tourist places once the discovery of prehistoric objects that can add to our knowledge.

9. Natural attractions Colo
Colo is one of the Kudus places in the name are on the plateau. Cool air and beautiful scenery it is definitely you get here. of the Kudus City the distance is about 18 km in the direction of Mount Muria. Colo is the name of a village in kecamatan Dawe with an elevation of about 1602 metres above sea level. In these sights tourists can enjoy special pemandanagan IE green hills and mountains and naturally accompanied the fresh cold air a stab in your skin pores.

10. Forest Kajar Outbound tourist attractions
Forest tourist attractions this Kajar, better known as outboundnya activities. This tourist attraction is situated in the pine forests that have a distance of 3 km from tours Colo. rather in the village of Kajar Subdistrict Dawe of the Kudus City. This location is indeed known by the tourist activity provides i.e. camping, hiking and outbound. This tourist attraction is aimed at younger students, Scouts, the young General. Nmaun does not close the possibility for Office employees also have a tour here to get different tours from susana usually.

11. Food and Typical Souvenirs of the Kudus City
The Kudus City has a wide variety of cuisine that is worth a try. some Kudus specialties namely Tanjung Lentok, Buffalo, water buffalo Satay soup, etc. The price of a culinary Kudus City is also very cheap, the only example of Cape Lentok is only sold at just 3000 rupiah/servings. In addition to the heavy meals, there is a range of light meals/snacks that you can bring home such as porridge, ginger syrup, rempeyek processed, honey, keciput, pleasant marning, etc. In addition to the food there is also fruit-buhan who became Kudus region include mango, charming source, duku, pamelo a citrus. In addition, there are some souvenirs you can buy fruit for the hand of a relative or friend at home.

12. Religious Attractions Packed Sunan Muria
One of the tourist destinations that never deserted visitors. Packed Muria is located on top of Mount Muria. To get to Eat this Muria tourists can walk past the 700 steps, for those who are tired with the walk then you can hire a taxi service to take you to ride up to the top. Sunan Muria i.e. Raden Umar Sa’id is inside the ancient building that is the Mihrab of the mosque remains of Sunan Muria. The mosque has been direnofasi with new architectural styles with amenities that are more complete.

13. Natural Waterfall Monthel and water 3 Flavors
Attractions waterfalls Montel is located in the municipality North of Sunan Muria. the distance is approximately 1.5 km from pesranggahan Colo. attractions waterfalls Monthel is 50 meters away with clear water. not far from there is also water flavor that is quite popular. The uniqueness of this flavor is water in one contiguous location you can feel the difference in the flavor.

14. Kudus Monument city of Kretek
This Kudus monument it was said was the largest and grandest monument of se Asia. The monument of the Kudus City of Kretek is on the border town of Demak and the Kudus City. This is a marker for the riders if they have been into or out of the Kudus City. Its location adjacent to jempatan. This monument was completed by 2015 yesterday. The design resembles the leaves of tempakau is very magnificent with decorations the lights at night which is very unusual. At night, it’s always crowded young children to old to take pictures at the monument.

So little information tentnag 14 attractions in the Florist Kudus City of Central Java which has attraction for any tourists visiting. For those of you who have never come to this tourist attraction, then quickly set the time to the streets in the Kudus City and visit several destinations that are dancing here.