15 Attractions in Semarang That Can’t be Missed

In an award event organized by Tempo Media Group by 2015, is the most interesting town of Semarang. According to the award, has a fairly regular city planning.

As one of the major cities in Indonesia is at once the most important town in Central Java, Semarang does have much appeal. The city had plenty of delicious cuisine, also has historic sites multi-ethnic.

Decided to make Semarang as the purpose of traveling is not an option. Some tourist icons such as the old town, Lawang Sewu to Young Monument is certainly not to be missed. However, there are still many other places that you can visit in Semarang.

The following is a selection of 21 tourist attractions you can visit in Semarang. Starting from the town up to the border area near the town of Salatiga.

Lawang sewu Semarang
1. Old Town
We start from the city. One of the places you should not miss is the old town area. This area is the heart of the city of Semarang. That is the main attraction of this area is the large number of old buildings with European architecture. The buildings are a legacy of the colonial Netherlands.
Some of the interesting spots in the area of the old city among others, Blenduk Church Tawang Station, Smoking Praoe Polder as well as Water Lajar Tawang. If you are a fan of photography, vintage atmosphere in the old town will be a very interesting object. The old town area of Semarang is also often called The Little Netherlands.

2. The great mosque in Central Java with its Tower Al Husna
If to Semarang, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the great mosque in Central Java. This is a provincial mosque was inaugurated by former President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in 2006. The great mosque of Central Java is not just a place ibabah. The mosque is also disesign for other purposes, including tourism. The mosque has a pretty wide of the Court. In the yard there is a building similar to the Colosseum in Rome.
Another interesting part of the great mosque of Central Java is a 99-meter-high tower that sits not far from the “Colosseum”. The Tower called Tower of Al Husna. The top floor has been designed in such a way as viewing to enjoy views of the city from a height of Semarang. An elevator is available to make it easy for visitors to reach the floor. From the top floor of the Tower Al Husna we could peek at the activity on the dock port of Tanjung Mas.

3. Lawang Sewu
Lawang Sewu is one of the most iconic landmark in Semarang. This building has an architecture that is so unique with the European style typical of the era. The uniqueness of the main building is the large number of doors. When calculated, the amount reached 429. That is why this building later called Lawang Sewu. This building was made in 1904. Times in the past, the building was used as the headquarters of Repoeblik Indonesia Railway Djawatan (DKARI) (now PT KAI)

4. Young Monument
From Lawang Sewu, you could be walking toward the monument Monument. Just a few steps we will already be up in this iconic monument. Young monument stands in a garden compound that is pretty neat. Candle-shaped monument was built to commemorate the services of the brave people in Semarang in battle five days in Semarang on October 15, 1945 to October 20, 1945.

5. Sam Poo Kong Shrine
If you include a Chinese culture enthusiasts, there is a very interesting place for you visit i.e. Sam Poo Kong Shrine. This temple is the remains of the muslim merchants of Chinese origin are never very successful in Indonesia, believed to be the ancestors of the ethnic Chinese in Semarang. He was the Admiral Cheng Ho.

6. Museum Ronggowarsito
Museum of the Ronggowarsito is the most complete existing museum in Semarang. The Museum is located at JL. Abdul Rahman Saleh No. 1 Kalibanteng Kulon has many collections relating to cultural objects to archeological objects. The museum complex consists of 4 buildings, each of which is used to show off a more specific collection. Building A meyimpan objects of geography and geology, building B to save the cultural objects that are associated with the Hindu-Buddhist civilizations, building C to store the objects related to the history of independence as well as Building D to store objects that are associated with the arts.

7. Museum of herbal medicine Nyonya Meneer
If you liked the cultural attractions, do not also miss the opportunity to visit the Museum of herbal medicine Mrs Meneer while in florist Semarang. On this site you will learn more about herbal medicine-herbal medicine-herbal medicine, particularly traditional jamu herbal medicine company, produced by Mrs Meneer. The museum building itself consists of two parts. The first part showed off a collection related to herbal medicine. While the second part is where the collection of objects have the founder Herb Lady Meneer.

8. the Ambarawa
Ambarawa is a subdistrict (kecamatan) in the Regency of Semarang that has a long history. In the Netherlands, colonial era Ambarawa is a town and the military. A station was built to support the military needs at that time. Ambarawa was in the air so it has tended to be cooler than the city of Semarang. Some interesting places to visit in Ambarawa, among others:
Monuments Sites Of Ambarawa
Railway Museum
Fort Willem I
Kampoeng Swamp

9. Swamp Reel
The swamp is a swamp Lake Reel which is quite famous in Semarang. The location of the Lake is in 4 districts in Ambarawa, Semarang i.e. Bawen, Banyubiru Tuntang, and. Swamp Reel itself is identical with the water hyacinth plant which grows in most of the surface of the Lake. From the Lake we can enjoy the view of Mount Merbabu that look so graceful if it were not closed clouds. To the Lake, we can rent a boat a lot leased by local citizens. The atmosphere at the Swamp Reel will be felt more calm when the afternoon.

10. Umbul Sidomukti
This is one of the unique places in Semarang. A swimming pool which is located at an altitude of 1,200 mdpl on the slopes of Mount Ungaran: Umbul Sidomukti. There are 4 pools, each of which is built on different levels. Water comes from a natural source of Mount Ungaran. Take a dip at this place it was like swimming in the clouds.
Umbul Sidomukti true is an integrated tourist area. In addition to the pool, there are few other places we can visit there, including the cottage coffee. There are also areas for downhill, playing the flying fox as well as outbound. If you want to stay, Umbul Sidomukti also provides lodging to visitors.

11. Buddhagaya Pagoda Watugong
Semarang had the highest pagoda in Indonesia. Its name is the Pagoda of Avalokitesvara. The pagoda at the Monastery complex Buddhagaya terada Watugong. Although true is the place of worship, but the general public are also allowed to visit the temple for the purposes of tourism. Pagoda Avalokitesvara himself has a height of 45 metres and consists of 7 floors. The pagoda was built as an offering to the goddess Kwan Im in Buddhist belief known as the goddess of love.

12. the Curug Lawe
Curug Lawe is a waterfall located on the slopes of Mount Ungaran. The waterfall is about 30 meters with a volume of water that is not too high. This waterfall is located in the village of Kalisidi, district of West Ungaran. From the city centre of Semarang the distance is about 12 meters. To go to the location of our own mandatory curug trekking for about 45 minutes past the path with a cool atmosphere typical of the mountains. Journey to curug this will not disappoint.

13. the Curug Benowo
Curug is still an area with Curug Lawe. In the course of meuju Curug Lawe we will find an intersection. One of the streets in the crossing will take us to the Curug Benowo. The name of this curug tend to be less popuer than Curug Lawe. However, the atmosphere and the view is no less cool.

14. The waterfall Time Pancur
It’s still about a waterfall. Waterfall Times Pancur is a waterfall located on the slopes of Mount Telomoyo. The falls may be closer if accessed from the town of Salatiga. The waterfall is about 100 meters. Seen from a distance its shape like a giant exclamation mark. This waterfall is not too crowded but quite interesting to visit. Location details in the village Nogosaren, district Getasan, Semarang

15. Gedong Songo
Gedong Songo is a combination of historical-cultural and natural attractions mountains. Similar Temples Arjuna in Dieng plateau. The difference, Gedong Songo located on the slopes of Mount Ungaran at an altitude of about 1,200 mdpl. There are a total of 9 temple building complex in Gedong Songo, however that is truly intact only 5. This temple was built in the 9th century at the House of sailendra dynasty. From this temple we can see a view of some mountains as Merbabu and Andong. Gedong Songo is itself a Hindu temple.