Cirebon, but in recent years rarely go and the streets there. First time hell HIGH SCHOOL times each long holiday definitely brought forth and the streets roving Cirebon same Mamang kok so truckers, Cirebon district was in fact okay so it had a lot of interesting sights to disambangi. Starting from nature tourism, culinary, to history and culture. Unfortunately this city needs to be ‘ magic touch ‘ to make it better known. And, as Mrs Bocan Cirebon 2015, #apasih > _ wanted promote < attractions. Well this guide create Boboers the cirebonese but engga ngubek ever-ngubek Cirebon or any person Weve was visiting to Cirebon, dont miss this place

Cirebon City

Telaga Mussels
Telaga Mussels were on the point of the border between Cirebon, Majalengka and Kuningan, makes these sights are within easy reach from anywhere. From the city of Cirebon, Telaga Mussels is about 24 km to the South, while from the brass Centre is 35 km to the North. Bocan travelled fro a small time, and had forgotten the details of place, that certainly every lebaran this tourism object filled with people selling, and there’s entertainment dangdutan. But engga know hell now updates now. This place is awful for the arena family picnic, a beautiful atmosphere with fresh air, plus a beautiful view of the Lake, making this tourism object do not lose pamornya among other attractions.

Garden Source Cirebon
The Park is located directly at the source of the angle of the crossing, in addition to the entrances of Cirebon district local government complex. Every Sunday morning, as the national monument, the Park is filled with people who menceri entertainment. In the Park and gather the food vendors, as well as odong-odong:p anyway these people’s fun entertainment deh

Gronggong Hill
Cirebon engga just got sea shrimp producers, rolling hills with captivating panoramic views also exist! Hill also called Gronggrong or Gronggongan this is a hill with beautiful views. From this Hill Boboers could see the city lights twinkle glitter. Don’t miss the candle light dinner here, on the Hill of Gronggongan there are some resto delicious sweetheart if missed.

Ade Irma Park Syriac
Garden Ade Irma Syriac is located next to the port of Cirebon. It is located exactly in front of the sea, here there is 3 of 4 total waterpark will be built. In addition there is also a oenginapan-shaped cottage above the sea, unfortunately its the Blue:p engga water Garden Ade Irma this bari overhauled and inaugurated on July 1, 2015. For its location, the garden of Ade Irma Syriac was in jalan Diponegoro, opposite to Bank Indonesia. The entry ticket price £ 50. oo0, Boboers can be free swimming in the waterparknya, while for penginapanya starting from $1,500,000. Overall, the rejuvenation is done in the Park has been Irma Ade 100% complete, but from photos circulating the grounds Ade Irma will be favorites in Cirebon.

Sunyaragi Cave
Sunyaragi cave is a cultural heritage which is located in the town of florist Cirebon with an area of approximately 15 hectares. Construction and composition of building this site is a water park. In ancient times the cave complex is surrounded by a Lake. There used to be the location where the Lake now Teak to dry out and turn into the street as well as a settlement. The Sunyaragi cave is part of the Kasepuhan has many myths, while visiting here Boboesr should use a tour guide so as not to arbitrarily hold statues. Because of this Sunyaragi in the cave there is a sculpture named the Virgin Sunti, which according to belief, anyone who touched the statue will be the weight of the soul mate,