6 Attractions in Karawang Most Best

Karawang Regency is a Regency in West Java which is known as the city with the rice and the city base of the struggle. Lots of attractions in Karawang and best, covering from nature tourism, cultural tourism, historical tourism, tours and other tourism tirta
For this time we will discuss about the roster of attractions in Karachi which was still not popular like other towns in West Java. But tourism in Karachi is just as beautifully with other areas.

Wisata Karwang

A list of 10 attractions in Karawang of the best Most obliged to Visit:
1. the Curug Cigenti
Curug Cigentis is the best tourist attractions in Karachi, located under the foot of the mountain Sanggabuana which is full of charm. When the journey we will be treated to a view of nature by having natural beauty are wonderful and so beautiful.
But when we wanted to pay a visit to Curug Cigentis, we had to walk about 2 KM from the parking of the vehicle. Following up on the best attractions most of Falkirk, a sense of tired we will terbayarkan. Curug Cigentis in the village of Mekarbuana, district Tegalwaru which is about 44 km from the administrative center of Karachi.

2. the Curug Cipanundaan
Curug Cipanundaan is the coolest attractions in Karachi. It was formed because Curung nature, not the result of hand-made man. Mount Sanggabuana has three mutually curug adjacent to each other and in one area. The condition of this still very natural curug because on top of this there are two natural curug curug again i.e. Curug Cikarapyak and Curug Cikoleangkak.
For access to the curug terbilanng is quite heavy because we need stamina, as well as a location far enough with the travel lane trail that passes through the Rocky River, a cliff that up is down, and various shrubs.
Curug Cipanundaan is one of the interesting tour Karachi, located in the village of Kutamaneuh, district Tegalwaru, Karawang or is 42 kilometers from the city of Karachi.

3. the Curug Cikarapyak
Curug Cikarapyak is located above curung Curug Cipanundaan before. While visiting, we’ll be treated to a variety of enchanting natural scenery as long as we travel to Curug Cikarapyak.
The location of this beautiful and natural Curug in Village Kutamaneuh, district Tegalwaru, florist Karawang. Then after you stop at Curug Cigenti and Cipanundaan, don’t miss the sights of this lovely Filigree and fro.

4. the Curug Cikoleangkak
Curug Cikoleangkak are attractions in Karawang of the waterfall tour. The best waterfall in Falkirk is situated at the foot of Mount Sanggabuana, or is above the Curug Cikarapyak and Curug Cipanundaan.
Like the two above, to curug could reach the waterfall we need stamina should prima and various nerve to perform different jungle untouched by human hands. Curug Cikoleangkak is the third located in curug Village Kutamaneuh, Kecamatan Tegalwaru, Kabupaten Karawang.

5. the Curug Bandung
Curug Bandung has 7 waterfalls in one river that start from the Curug Peuteuy, Curug Picung and most known by the Curug Bandung. While visiting toward this fairly heavy Curug, as it had to walk about 3 KM away. Curug Bandung is located in the village of Mekarbuana sub-district of Tegalwaru or about 42 km from the Centre of Karachi.

6. Green Canyon Karawang
Green Canyon of Falkirk or Gorge Green is a Town located at the southern end of Falkirk. According to many opinions of the visitors, if Green Canyon managed properly, seriously and correctly, it will be able to rival the Cukang Taneuh in Pangandaran.
But for a variety of development continue to be significant, the known by the Curug Siomas is so crowded. Especially during the holiday season arrives. Therefore, the best time to visit in the Green Canyon Karawang was not the holiday season. So we can enjoy it with more delicious. Moreover, its location is so strategic was among the region’s other other jobs.