8 tourist spots in Pontianak are interesting to visit

The city is famous for its line of khatulistiwanya has a variety of interesting sights that are worth a try. In this city you will find a monument which was founded with the aim to strengthen the predicate as the city where the imaginary lines.
In addition, the city is also traversed by two rivers namely the Porcupine River and the Kapuas River. In order to make other people more acquainted with both the River, then the Government cite the two rivers into the city logo. For those of you who want to know what beauty there is in this town, this is a place of interest in Vampires you must visit.


Kadriah Palace
Tourist spots in Pontianak was Kadriah Palace. This tourist attraction was built by Sultan Syarif Abdurrahman in 1771. The Palace has been created using the renowned Borneo wood strong. In the courtyard, there is a cannon that became the legacy of Portuguese and Japan.

Masjid Jami Pontianak
The location of the mosque is not far from the mosque Jami Pontianak. The mosque is also known by the term Sultan Syarif Abdurrahman is witness to the creation of the city of Pontianak. The mosque is deliberately made to resemble the House stage so as not to melt if the Kapuas river overflowed.

This monument is one of the attractions of the pride of the city of Pontianak. In it there is a museum that will give you the knowledge around the line of imagination. To get into it you will not be charged. But if you want to obtain a certificate of proof of visitors who signed the Mayor, you only need to pay 10,000 rupiah.

Kapuas Square Park
The Kapuas River does indeed become one of the hallmarks of Pontianak town. Therefore, tepianya are utilized as Garden which can be used for sightseeing. 3 acres of attractions is always crowded in the afternoon and evening. – See also: Coastal Attractions at Balikpapan

Aloe Vera Center
This tourist attraction is a place of cultivation of the Aloe Vera plant. Location located in the Budi Utomo, Siantan upstream. In addition to seeing the beauty of the plant Aloe, you also get to watch how to cultivate this plant into a wide variety of food such as dodol, flour, and sweets. Here you can also buy some of the processed products.

Long Sand Beach
Blend of white sand, blue sea water, as well as the Green Palm trees make this beach worth visit. Here you can play volleyball, fishing, surfing or swimming. The facilities offered are also complete, ranging from cottages, restaurants to hotels.

Sinka Island Park
This tourist attraction is a recreational park located in the Bay of Ma’jantuh. In these sights, you will find the beach, the pool, to the Zoo. If you are in the city of Pontianak, it will be a pity if you miss the sights on this one.

Museum Of West Kalimantan
Tourist spots in Pontianak was Museum of West Kalimantan. The museum is located in Jendral Ahmad Yani. These sights are divided into three zones where each of them has a different collection. Here you can find various collections of objects, ceramics from China, to craft art and culture of the Dayak tribe.

That’s what the tourist spots in florist Pontianak compulsory visit. A vacation to Pontianak along with friends or family will be one of the adventure that you will never forget. Hopefully this article can be useful for you all.