9 The Mainstay Attractions City of Denpasar

One of the biggest economic mover in Bali is from the tourism sector. Provincial capital Denpasar as transformed into a center of business activities with a high per capita income. Most of the attractions of Bali are located outside the city of Denpasar. But if a traveler comes to town, there is no harm in transit to mainstay attractions 9 Denpasar city here.


1. Learn many things about the history of the island of the gods in Museum Bali
First place can a traveler visit during your stay in the city of Denpasar, Bali is a Museum. The Museum houses many historical and ethnographic objects. Some of the collection in the form of supplies of life, religious, language arts, writing and other objects that reflect the life and development of the culture of Bali.
The Museum Bali the island of gods have special architecture with the form of the Royal Castle of Denpasar. There are four pavilions that illustrate a variety of typical Regency in Bali. The area of the museum is not only used as a historical tourist destinations for tourists but also frequently used as a location for shooting the pre-wedding event.
Location: JL. Maj. Wisnu No.1, Dangin Puri, Denpasar team., Denpasar, Bali

2. Jagatnatha Temple, the largest Temple in Denpasar
It’s not unusual if in Bali is found the temple including in Denpasar. But by the way the biggest temple issue there cannot be separated from the name of the Jagatnatha Temple which is located at Jalan Mayor Wisnu, Denpasar. The temple is situated adjacent to the Museum Bali and also the Puputan Badung field.
Jagatnatha Temple was constructed in 1953 with position overlooking Mount Agung Bali Hindu community which believes that it is the Court of the gods. The temple is still routinely used as a place of worship and perform various religious rituals. On the other hand Jagatnatha Temple also became one of the icons of the city of Denpasar that much visited by tourists.
Location: Streets Of Kuta, Denpasar, Scout Cells., Badung Regency, Bali

3. The field Of Reflection, of Balinese struggle Against the invaders
The field is one Of the many garden visited by tourists in Denpasar. The Park’s name was taken from the important historic event in Bali Of wars, a war between the people of Bali Denpasar led by King against colonialism Netherlands.
In the middle of the field there is a monument to Puputan Badung, a warning event will be at once the symbol of the heroic, which killed thousands of residents of Bali including the Royal family. The field is located in the heart of the City Of Denpasar. Each holiday many citizens visiting for leisure or simply relax and exercise.
Location: Dauh Puri Kangin, West Of Denpasar, Denpasar, Bali

4. Watch the beautiful sunrise at Sanur Beach
Many a traveler who knows the passing of Kuta Beach, Bali Beach with beautiful sunset is incredible. The Beach also became the center of the crowd and the gathering of foreign tourists. In addition to Kuta, Bali also have a beach that has a beautiful view of the Sun namely Sanur Beach.
The difference between Sanur Beach is the spot to watch the beautiful sunset. This beach is located in the East of the island of Bali or precisely in the city of Denpasar. In addition to the famous sunrise phenomenon, Sanur Beach has also become a spot of surfing with waves is famous all over the world. At another point, there is also a snorkeling and diving spots make traveler lovers of water activities.
Location: The Village Of Sanur, Denpasar, Bali

5. A beautiful Sunset, Sindu Beach with quiet atmosphere
Sindu Beach present for tourists who really like with a view of the sun rising but don’t like crowded atmosphere. So when Sanur Beach full of tourists you can melipir to coast Sindu located adjacent to Sanur Beach.
Coastline of Sanur, the traveler only took a 10-minute drive just to find this beach. The atmosphere is relatively quiet and comfortable and the view of the sunrisenya no less cool from Sanur Beach. Sindu Beach have land that juts out into the sea, spot that’s exactly what many travelers used to take pictures of the coolest sunrise.
Location: Sindhu Beach, Sanur, Denpasar Cells., Denpasar, Bali

6. Art Center Art Center, Destination to get to know the culture of Bali
In addition to enjoying its natural beauty, while traveling to Bali is obliged also to learn the culture. One of the places that could be visited to learn the culture of Bali is in the Art Center of Bali or also known as Art Center.
Art Center was the site of the original performances. Each year at this place regularly held party artistry or Bali Bali art festival. The event will be followed by the rest of the County, each of which demonstrates a typical art from its territory. At that event also usually opened by showing participants from other countries such as Japan, China or Korea.
Location: JL. Nusa Indah No. 1, Panjer, Denpasar

7. Simpang Dewa Ruci, viewing the magnificent Sculpture in the Busiest point in Bali
Dewa Ruci junction is the intersection of the road to the airport, Nusa Dua, Denpasar, Tanah Lot, Kuta and Sanur. because of its position which connects the regions tourist centre then this intersection became the busiest traffic point in the island of the gods. It was so crowded and often traffic-jammed at this junction to the many travelers who call it a Flooded Intersection.
However there are interesting from Simpang Gods Ruci, the existence of the gods Ruci on the way. The statue done by I Wayan Winten in 1996 became one of the icons of Denpasar. His statue featuring a cast of puppet named Bhima or Werkudara who take Tirta Amertha. If being passed this intersection would have been plenty who like to take pictures of her from the vehicle.
Location: Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai No. 120AB, Kuta, Badung

8. Peel Thoroughly the history of Bali Through the inscription Blanjong
Traveler wants to know the history of Bali could pay a visit to the site of inscription Blanjong. This inscription contains a written history of the oldest on the island of the gods. This inscription can be found in banjar area traveler Blanjong village of Sanur, the location is close to the Kauh Sanur Beach.
Inscription stone pillars shaped Blanjong 177 cm tall and in diameter 52 cm. the inscriptions found in the description that the inscription was made in the year 913 BC which became a marker of the victory of King Adipatih Cri Kesari Warmadewa in battle.
Location: Banjar Blanjong Village, Sanur, Bali

9. Capture the statue of Titi a Photogenic Banda on the outskirts of Denpasar
The statue is an icon of the new Banda points to Denpasar city. The statue is located on the outskirts of the city to be exact there at the t-junction of the road By Pass Ngurah Rai, Kesiman, Denpasar. The presence of a statue depicting the story of Ramayana is seeming to be welcoming the travelers who want to get into the capital of Bali province.
Statue of Titi Banda described the puppet named Rama in rescuing his wife’s travel named Shinta. In the Middle She was abducted by Ravana, King of Lanka named. The statue was built with very detailed so that it displays a beautiful authentic impression to be made the object of the photo.
Location: Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai Airport, Denpasar, Kesiman