Got 9 Destinations appealing, Sidoarjo tourism potential not just Mud

Admiration beauty panorama and coolness it’s chilly, making me repeatedly wrote about the city of Malang.


However, it feels less complete if I frequently review other city, but rarely introduce my birthplace, the town of Sidoarjo. Not as cool as the hapless, even tend to be hot, Sidoarjo is located to the South of Surabaya. Seen from the extent of the Sidoarjo region span, also dont let alone Poor Surabaya acres known as the second largest city in Indonesia.

Though small, Sidoarjo is a primary buffer Surabaya lho. The importance of the existence of Sidoarjo for East Java, also is evident from the aspirations of the Sidoarjo in units of Territorial Development (SWP) East Java is known as Gerbangkertasusila. His other jobs sort of East Java. A metropolitan area, industry and construction sector became the primary focus of the Government in this Delta Town.

That’s what makes things Sidoarjo is better known as an industrial area. From some sectors of the economy, fishing is the main source of economy of Sidoarjo. In addition, there is also a large industrial, services and small industries that develop good, be a source of kemapanan people. On the one hand, the progress of development in the industry, is not coupled with the improvement of tourist facilities are adequate. The presence of the Mall and some modern entertainment center, perhaps the only suitable to be momentary entertainment at weekends. Effects, when the holiday season is long, mostly citizens of Sidoarjo prefer tour to outside areas such as Poor Kingdom to Bali.

Thus, what is not there are interesting places to visit in Medan?

I always believe, every place has its own uniqueness and can become tourism potential if promoted and supported by various parties. So too with Sidoarjo. The lack of socialization interesting places make some tourist potential of less known, even by its own citizens. In fact, some of the following places is very potential for nature tourism, culture, history, shopping to cuisine – which I’m sure is not less interesting with other areas in Indonesia.

Delta Sidoarjo, Recreational Fishing Once Tired Of Missing Abdominal Fullness
Shady shacks lining around the fishing pond Fishing Delta Sidoarjo [Proprietary Hobby fishing? Channel style throw a hook that was so skilled at fishing pond Fishing Delta Sidoarjo. Dont just be fishing, tourists can also enjoy the large fish, such as the mere result of Tilapia, carp, bawal, mujaer and milkfish. Live the message of the desired cooking recipes, delicious fresh fish dishes can be eaten directly in shady shacks lining around the fishing pond. While waiting for the fish fished fish mature, tourists can also go for a swim or play in water bike leisure centre in the village of Prasung, Kec. Buduran, Kab. Sidoarjo. In fact, the outbound facilities and flying fox to test your adrenaline. Already tired of missing with fishing, body healthy during the holidays with swimming and outbound, any belly full with nutritious food. Complete deh!

Kepetingan: Beach Hidden in the Interior of the Amazon Sidoarjo
Who says Sidoarjo dont have natural cool? Away to the North of the city centre there is a remote hamlet Sidoarjo, named Kepetingan. This village has a unique landscape. Can only be traversed by boat can be rented in the village of Sawohan, Kec. Buduran or village Kalanganyar, Kec. Sedati, tourists can enjoy excursions to the beach Kepetingan sea fringing while enjoying views of mangrove forests on both sides of the line of the boat. A collection of cranes perched and birds are bersahutan increasingly add to the beauty of the Kepetingan like a panorama of the River in the Interior of Borneo as well as Amazon.
The uniqueness of Kepetingan is the Nyadran which have survived. Alms ritual of the sea was held as a form of gratitude the locals over the fish in the sea of Sidoarjo. Nyadran kian lively when done with a cavalcade of boats that accompanied WaSP gamelan to Kepetingan in the morning. Nyadran regular season long holidays when held, thus becoming a moment fit for tourists who want to enjoy a different experience.

Tlocor Marine and Island Tours ‘ results ‘ Sarinah Sedimentation
In addition to marine tourism, Kepetingan is worth a visit in the village of Tlocor, Kec. Jabon, Sidoarjo to the South. Tourism potential offered this place is inviting travelers Porong River, up to the mouth of the island there is a sludge sedimentation results new Lapindo, Sarinah. On the island, tourists can enjoy the sunrise or sunset as in Kuta Beach Bali. Because of the convenience, many wistawan spending his time on the island that its name originated from the term locals, to fishing.
Lapindo Mud Smoky Reservoirs
Not far from the District. Jabon there Kec. Porong. This is definitely one area are quite familiar with his Lapindo Mud. Since May 29, 2006, prompting a disaster ‘ man-made ‘ was indeed miserable most citizens of Sidoarjo. Along with its development, Lapindo Mud thus turned into a new tourist potential. The high curiosity of the public, make local citizens finally opened a tour around the embankment while enjoying spectacular views of the mudflow in the world. When on top of the embankment, you would see a vast expanse of water and a puff of smoke right in the Center. No wonder that some residents call it a smoky ‘ Reservoirs ‘ tour.

Pari Temple, Of The Majapahit-Style Architectural Heritage: Viet Nam
Still at the Kec. Porong and not far from Lapindo Mud, there is an interesting historical heritage to visit, namely Pari. Temple of Majapahit remains this rectangular bricks with Campa-style architecture, Viet Nam. The influence of this culture can be seen from the similarity of buildings and ornaments of the temple with the temple building of the rays in the Mison, Viet Nam. As the name suggests, tourists can visit this historical Temple in the village of Pari, Kec. Porong, Sidoarjo Regency.

Sentra Tanggulangin Bag
Of Kec. Porong moving East toward Kec. Tanggulangin. More precisely to the villages of Kludan and Kedensari, tourists can enjoy a shopping tour of local world class products at the center of the bag Tanggulangin. One of the big producers this is INTAKO Tanggulangin bag. Successfully meet the standards of the quality of the bags in the world market, making handmade bag from Tanggulangin great demand of society. Various products and models of bags can be easily found in stores and vendors bags along Highways Kludan. Tourists can also order exclusively bag design that you want. The availability of raw materials and local crafters who’ve experienced over the past dozen years, making the bag-bag quality sold valuable tilt.

Kampung Jetis Batik
Away to the center of Sidoarjo, tourists could supplement the oleh-olehnya with a visit to Kampong of Batik Jetis village. Batik patterned peacocks is one of typical batik Sidoarjo. Because it is located in the city centre or at Jalan Diponegoro Sidoarjo, batik centers can easily be found. In addition, at the gate entry of handwritten ‘ Kampong of Batik Jetis ‘ super big, so that it can facilitate tourists for sightseeing shopping.

Mpu Tantular Museum
Still remember the words of Bung Karno Stadium? Great nation will not forget history. To realize the ideals that Bung Karno mulya, Mpu Tantular Museum, Sidoarjo. The name of Mpu Tantular is taken from one of the prominent linguist in the Majapahit era, namely the Mpu Tantular. Many historical collections on display in the museum located on the highway Buduran, Sidoarjo. Start a collection of gold, numismatics, ethnography, geology, biology, archaeology to fine art in 14th century.

Kupang Lontong and Lush Trees of the square Sidoarjo
The last tourist potential that need to stay while visiting the city of Delta is a town square Sidoarjo. Green giant trees making colonial-style square Hinda-Netherlands it seems so shady. Amid the towering Monument square florist Sidoarjo with giant shrimp and Milkfish logo. The landmark of this increasingly complete with the presence of the great mosque of Sidoarjo and ancient buildings which still serves as government offices and a bank. However, the main reason why tourists need to come here, it’s actually because at the hawker centre square can be found the mussel and Scallop Satay rice cake that is not another City’s original culinary Petis. Enjoy the culinary delights that taste spicy-sour-savoury teduhnya under the leafy trees of the square Sidoarjo.
Even though it has not been so popular, tourism potential in Sidoarjo in my opinion need to be included in the tourist destinations of everyone who is hungry for uniqueness. The question of access is also not difficult. If by air, you can go down at Juanda international airport. If by land, please choose a bus directly down at the Bus Terminal Purabaya. Indeed, the second busiest airport in Indonesia and the largest bus terminal in Southeast Asia is often considered the dismissal route to Surabaya. However, due to the location of both, tourists come actually first signed in Sidoarjo. Therefore, if you have already arrived at the terminal or the airport, stay continue browsing using Trans Sidoarjo towards one of the unique places.

So, no less interesting right tourism potential area of my birth this with other areas in Indonesia?