Interesting sights in Central Kalimantan, Palangkaraya

Attractions in Central Kalimantan, Palangkaraya is perhaps not as immersing as tourism other areas in Indonesia. However, it turned out to have an awful lot of Palangkaraya tourism with hidden potential is interesting to visit if you are on a vacation to the venue.

palangkaraya city

KalimantanTengah is the capital of Palangkaraya. The town itself divided by the width of the Kahayan river flow. There is a bridge named bridge of the Kahayan, which became a landmark and save its own mystery. Even the kemisteriusan and Kahayan Rivers Kahayan Bridge never raised in a program way way mystery.

Palangkaraya has some uniqueness and richness of nature which is not inferior to other areas. Dayak culture Kaharingan is very strong here and is still maintained to this day. Even in some remote areas are still many Dayak tribe who lived again. Florist Palangkaraya alone many inhabited by newcomers from outside the area and outside of the island of Borneo.

Here are some list of attractions in Mataram can be visited.

1. Cafe Tjilik Riwut

Why a cafe could become a tourist attraction? Tjilik Riwut Cafe because it has its own uniqueness. The uniqueness of this cafe is the former home of the famous warrior-i.e. Tjilik Riwut. Tjilik Riwut is regarded as the founder of the city of Palangkaraya and Central Kalimantan. He opened jungle into a city that is now inhabited by many people.

In this Cafe there are many relic Tjilik Riwut, like the clothes he wears, or the book of peningggalan book. To maintain the resilience of its breakaway books, some old books are not allowed to read.

Another unique Cafe Tjilik Riwut is Baram. Baram is a drink typical of Dayak Ngaju. Baram contain alcohol but due to the presence of improvisation from the Manager, this drink can be enjoyed by anyone now.

2. The Museum Balanga

If you are interested with the Dayak culture, then come to the Museum Balanga this is a very precise steps. In the museum you will be treated with a variety of information regarding all information of Dayak. The Division of the tribe, the name name, customs even traditional weapons they use.

3. Beef Ngabe Sukah

Beef this one is located in the middle of the city of Palangkaraya. A typical building of the Dayak tribe is actually serves to store the bones of the Dayak people dead. According to the beliefs of the Dayak, the dead have to undergo ritual Tiwah, ritual elevating bones from the tomb and meletakkanya in the Beef. Ritual Tiwah usually sacrificed animals such as pigs and Buffalo.

Once this is Beef Sukah Dayak tribe settlement before they finally tergeser by modernity and chose to step aside.

4. Lake Tahai

Tahai Lake is a lake that is very unique. This red-coloured water of the Lake is rather like a water color of black tea. However it is not that the lake water is polluted. This tea is red color indicates that the water of the Lake is still very clear. Colored water is obtained from the root of the plant roots are mostly peat moss plants dominate in Palangkaraya.

Near the Lake there is a village with the Tahai home floating home they called the House down. Looked at and played water in the Lake with a unique color by looking at homes that will soothe you. Tahai Lake is only about 30 kilometers from Palangkaraya.

5. the Nyaru Menteng Arboretum

One more place of interest in a compulsory visit Palangkaraya is the Nyaru Menteng Arboretum. This place is a captive Orangutan Foundation belongs to the BOSS (the Borneo Orangutan Survival). In this place you can see how the Orang Utan is the preservation of animal species are currently endangered due to forest encroachment and the opening of a heavily Palm fields carried out in Borneo. Although not as immersing as Tanjung Puting National Park, but this very captive Nyaru Menteng means for the survival of animals native to Indonesia then. Really a pity if only one species only in this world.