See 7 attractions in Makassar most interesting

A number of tourist attractions in Makassar have attraction, ranging from natural beauty, cultural riches, historical places, rides, to the cool natural scenery. Losari beach becomes the symbol of a tourism icon in Makassar, but you should also visit the island of Samalona island of Kodingareng and Keke to feel how good it feels to snorkel in the crystal clear sea nan and relax on the white sand.

city of makassar

Makassar city, formerly known as Ujung Pandang, is a large city in eastern part of Indonesia. The area is also becoming interesting adventures to the door leading to the plateau of Tana Toraja in South Sulawesi and has a cultural society. Historically, Makassar was known by the world as one of the busiest ports in the archipelago. Since the 14th century, many trading ships from China, India, Cambodia and commodity transaction. Europeans began to join the go into the areas of Makassar at the 16th century.

Attractions in Makassar
Following a number of attractions in the City can be visited, some of them are tourist destinations in South Sulawesi that is popular with tourists.

1. Trans Studio, Makassar
2.7 acres acres filled with thrilling rides and servings of 21 exciting attractions in Makassar, this one is the most popular destination is often visited by tourists, particularly in eastern Indonesia.

Before Trans Studio Bandung was founded, this is the largest indoor theme park in Indonesia and in the world. Also became one of the most interesting family tourist destinations in Sulawesi. From this amusement park has four areas with different themes, namely the Central Studio (Hollywood-themed), Cartoon City (World cartoon), Lost City (adventure-themed), and Magic Corner (magical touches).

Rides and entertainment centre, comfortable atmosphere accompanied by AIR CONDITIONING that is so cool, as well as the availability of a variety of restaurants and cafes there make alot of people happy to spend the holiday with family and friend in Trans Studio, Makassar. This area is true is not limited to mere rides places.

TRANS Studio Mall is conveniently located in the heart of Tanjung Bunga Makassar, located near from the beach Losari who had the legendary city of Makassar. To enter, you have to buy the entrance ticket costs Rp Makassar Trans Studio 100 thousand (Monday-Friday), for weekend and holiday price to Rp 150 thousand.

2. The Beach Losari
Become an icon for the city of Makassar. Losari beach is a tourist place in Makassar with views of the sunset. Accompanied by wind surf beaches and sea, creating an atmosphere of relaxing on the beach Losari became noticeably impressive. Located in downtown Makassar, Losari beach is already a favorite destination for all new first time menginjakan foot in Makassar.

With a wonderful culinary bananas epe favored many tourists in this place, in addition there are a number of typical food such as bananas Makassar ijo, sop konro, pallu butung, coto makassar, and the like. If you wish, there are also seafood can be directly booked with fresh ingredients. If you want a more unique feel, you can also try to enjoy seafood at a floating restaurant which uses the traditional ships of the Bugis Makassar’s famous with a Phinisi.

If you want to play around the beach Losari, you could try some games such as water or a banana bike bout to get around the beach.

3. Fort Rotterdam
One of the attractions is located on the western shore of Makassar city, it is located in Jln. Ujung Pandang. Fort Rotterdam is a fortress of the heritage of the Kingdom of Gowa, was created in 1545 by the Kings of Gowa X, and is often referred to as the fortress of Ujung Pandang that became the name of the Castle.

First the story when the Netherlands wanted to seize the Kingdom of Gowa in order that the trade of the VOC fleet could enter and easily docked in Sulawesi, the defense of the Fort was digempur for a year. Finally the Netherlands successfully defeated at once destroyed the House of the King and the whole fortress florist Makassar. Netherlands parties ever forced Hasanuddin to approve the Treaty of Bongaya earlier in the year 1667, where one requirement obliges the Kingdom of Gowa gave the castle to the Netherlands. Once submitted, the fortress of compiled and reorganized with the architecture of the Netherlands which later changed its name to Ford. At the time, Fort Rotterdam functions as the seat of Government and as a shelter of spices in the region of Eastern Indonesia.

The charm of this castle is located in the La Galigo Museum has a collection of approximately 4,999. On a collection of Ethnography, this museum has various types of results of artistry, technology, tools, and other objects used by the Rail, Bugis, Makassar, and Toraja. Up to now, the attractions of this City has become the cultural centre of South Sulawesi.

4. Island Samalona
With about 2.34 ha, attractions in Makassar it is marine attractions visited the tourists, from domestic to foreign tourists. Samalona island has a beauty that is so effective in its biota of tropical fish and, therefore, has become a destination for snorkelers in Makassar that are interesting to visit. Crystal clear water and white sand into attraction.

Located approximately 6.8 km from Makassar city, to get to the island of Samalona by using speed boats it took about 20-30 seconds. You can start from a pier near Losari or departing from the dock near the Fort. For the ability to bargain here is needed in order to be able to get a cheaper rate.

Aside from diving, enjoy the panoramic view of the sunset on the island of Samalona could be another option that deserves you feel. Playing by the beach with white sand is often done to tourists in this place. Toilet, saung, a prayer hall and a restaurant are some of the facilities provided in the island of Samalona in addition, you can rent a lodging on the island.

5. Island Kodingareng Keke
Island tourism Kodingareng Keke is located about 14 km from the city of Makassar, is uninhabited island. The allure of attractions in Makassar on this one there on its crystal clear water as well as air-gradations ranging from color toska, light blue to dark blue. As well as, with nature under the sea filled with a variety of beautiful marine life. Here’s a selection of dive sites in Makassar that many favored lovers snorkels.

Island Kodingareng Keke does not provide public facilities like the one in the island of Samalona. You should bring your own food and drink supplies, if you want to enjoy the beauty of this island. Typically, tourists came first to this island before setting foot on the island of Samalona. Because, in General, speed boat or message boad you will offer visits in both places. As the saying goes, “once the rowing, two of the three islands exceeded.”

6. Tea Garden Malino
Tea Garden this is a most interesting tourist destinations for the people of South Sulawesi. This is the area of “peak” of his South Sulawesi. Located in the region of Gowa, Kecamatan Tinggimoncong, view from the tourist attractions in South Sulawesi this one exist in a natural setting that is cool and refreshing in the same time. It is about 90 km from Makassar city, you can reach the town of Malino within time 2-3 hours of travel.

Malino is famous as “city of flowers”, has a number of interesting sights, such as the Takapala waterfalls, waterfalls of the thousand stairs, Blue Valley, mount Bawakaraeng, and bunker remains Japan. But, if you’re heading to a tea plantation production by corpora Malino Highlands, this is the most exciting experience with down the tea garden covering an area of 200 hectares while feeling the cool air invigorating. If you are pulled over to a cafe at the top of this plantation, with the original green tea to enjoy the Malino can be a memorable experience, of course.

That is the reason why Malino Highlands favored many travelers as a nature tourism activity in South Sulawesi. Supported by the availability of many of the villa and guesthouse in this tourist area as well as some choice hotels to stay.

7. The fortress of Somba Opu
The Castle has a rectangular shape, with a length of 2 km each, elevations of 7-8 meters, and wall thickness reaches 3.6 meters. A very sturdy construction of the fortress of Somba Opu became a powerful defense system given the fortress became the Centre of trade and full of spices Harbour visited foreign traders from Asia to Europe at that time.

This time, however, restoration of the fortress is still performed as one of the Government’s efforts to preserve history in South Sulawesi. In the area of the Castle, has contains a variety of traditional house traditional of all tribes in South Sulawesi. Each House has a unique artistic custom as well as describe the specificity of cultural philosophy of each tribe in South Sulawesi.

Attractions in Makassar has a legendary Cannon named with “Baluwara the great”, with a length of 9 meters and weighing 9,500 kg, there are also a museum containing relics of historic objects from the Sultanate of Gowa.

In this area, you can find wildlife garden and also a waterboom comes with several support facilities, also known as Gowa Discovery Park. In order to enter to the Gowa Discovery Park, you will dikenaki the entrance ticket costs Rp 85 thousand, specially at the weekend charged Rp 100 thousand.