The best ways to Determine How Much Wallpaper You Required

Wondering just how much wallpaper you require? It is constantly best to allow for a little additional, partially in instance a strip rips by mishap yet likewise in situation you can not obtain anymore wallpaper in the very same batch which would mean one strip or one roll would look different.

All it takes is a little time and also perseverance, a metal gauging tape, a pad as well as pencil as well as a calculator.

roll of wallpaper

Right here’s ways to function it out:


1. Let’s take a solitary empty wall initially with a wallpaper that has an ordinary design.

Action the width of the wall surface and also the elevation from top of the skirting to the ceiling.

e.g. 178 inches wide and also 104 inches high.

A lot of wallpapers are 20.5 inches in width (so check the size). Split 178 by 20.5 (the size of the wall surface by the size of the wallpaper to exercise the number of strips you require) = 8.6 = 9 strips of wallpaper.

The rolls have the tendency to be 11 yards long, so divide 396 by 104 (the height of the wall surface) = 3.8. Now, if you don’t want to havehorizontal joins along your wall surface, so this implies you will just get 3 full strips each roll.

As you need 9 strips @ 3 complete strips each roll, you need 3 rolls of wallpaper.


2. Let’s compute wallpaper for a solitary blank wall with a wallpaper that has a repeat style.

Picture the wall is 155 inches wide, 102 inches in elevation.

The wallpaper is 20.5 inches vast, 396 inches in a roll (which is common) as well as the repeat is 19 inches.

Split 155 by 20.5 to exercise the variety of strips needed = 7.56 = 8 strips of wallpaper.

Divide the elevation by the repeat, 102 split by 19 = 5.36 which means that 6 repeats is required in each strip of wallpaper so you currently need to increase 19 x 6 = 114 inches.

( Each strip of wallpaper should be 114 inches cm and there will be 12 inches of waste on each strip.).

Separate the length of the roll by the ‘new’ elevation, 396 divided by 114 = 3.47 which implies that there are 3 full strips in each roll. (fifty percent strips could be used over doors as well as above as well as below home windows however not in an unbroken wall).

Hence as you require 7 strips of wallpaper and also there are 3 complete strips in each roll, you require 3 rolls of wallpaper.


3. To determine wallpaper for a complete area with doors and windows:.

Action the height as well as width of the complete room (combining the sizes of all four wall surfaces). While you could think that you can deduct the size of the doors and also the windows, you cannot! The reason is the component of a complete strip (lengthways) may be made use of next to the door and the waste from that can not be used. For this reason, I would advise just subtracting half the width of the doors as well as windows (and remember you will require wallpaper over and also below the window).

Complete size of space = 483 inches.
Elevation = 104 inches.
Repeat of wallpaper = 22 inches.

Separate the elevation by the repeat, 104 divided by 22 = 4.72 so 5 repeats are needed. 22 x 5 = 110 inches per strip.

Divide the full width of the area by the width of the wallpaper, 483 split by 20.5 = 24 strips.

If there are 2 doors in the area, I would certainly deduct one strip.

I would only deduct one strip of wallpaper for each 2 or 3 windows in the room – far better to err on the side of caution. It is possible to exercise exactly how much wallpaper is require yet you would certainly should know your starting factor in the area and also the specific dimensions above and listed below the home window.

Split 396 by 110 to work out the amount of strips you will get out of each roll = 3.6 which is 3 complete strips. Component of the rest could be made use of over doors and also above windows. Therefore, for a space with 2 doors as well as 3 ordinary sized windows, I would get order 22 strips for this area (24 minus 2) which is 8 rolls.

If in doubt, check utilizing a wallpaper calculator which is usually offered on websites that market wallpaper or talk to your decorator.


I hope that helps you to calculate the number of rolls of wallpaper you will need for your decorating.