This is the Latest 7 Attractions in Surabaya and the mandatory cool on Visit

Surabaya is the second after the Jakarta metropolitan city. Surabaya is also known as city of heroes.
As the capital of East Java, Surabaya unceasingly build the latest and coolest attractions, both natural attractions as well as a culinary tour of the present.
This year lots of Tours built and inaugurated By Mrs Amira Harini (Mayor of Surabaya).
The purpose of the construction of this tour was made Surabaya became one of the tourist destinations that are mandatory on the visit of tourists.
Given in the city of Surabaya is more famous for its industrial and persepakbolaannya. In addition with tourism expected economy could raise the citizens of Surabaya.
Indeed in 2016 the myriad attractions of Surabaya’s newest cool-cool. But unfortunately is rarely the presenting it properly.
Even when I search on Google mostly still discusses the long tours of surabaya.
There is also a Tour title makes the latest Surabaya but still presents a tour a long time ago like KBS, House of Sampoerna, or Beach Ria Kenjeran.


Haduh not present banget deh …

Because I myself live in the vicinity of Surabaya and I have also been to the Tour, I will try to present and discuss the latest Tour anything in Surabaya.
Here are the latest Attractions in Surabaya and cool this is mandatory on the visit when in Surabaya.

1. Food Junction Grand Pakuwon
2. Surabaya North Quay
3. Bridge Suroboyo
4. Hanging garden Surabaya
5. Colorful Kampung Bulak
6. GBT racing circuit
7. the Sdt

Okay that’s the list of attractions in Surabaya that the mandatory Visit PAL.
How curious are you?
For the curious I will discuss one by one.
1. Food Junction Grand Pakuwon
The beginning of the year 2016 exactly on 23 January 2016 the city of Surabaya ketambahan Culinary Destinations.
The name Food Junction Grand Pakuwon in Surabaya.
Food Junction is one of the finest Culinary attractions in Surabaya.
Why this place is called a complete culinary tour? There are a variety of culinary because in addition there are also rides, both regular rides up that is in the water.
In my opinion this place fits in well made all sorts of walks of life. Well we here want to ngedate, get-together with brother and family, or with a community of highly recomended this place really.
Curious what wrote in Food Junction and where the location is?

2. Surabaya North Quay
Surabaya North Quay (SNQ) is one of the new destinations dji Surabaya. This tour was inaugurated on February 27, 2016. The location is situated on the edge of Tanjung Perak Port in Surabaya.
Surabaya North Quay gives the feel of a maritime themed tours-kan. Located dilantai 3 terminal Gate Surya Nusantara.
This place is not only open to passenger ship but to the public as well.
The background scenery of this place sometimes there are ships that are lean and from a distance it looks also Jalesveva Jayamahe monument and the Suramadu bridge.
In addition, there are the writings of Surabaya North Quay in garnished with synthetic grass so it feels very cool indeed.
Facilities at this place is very much at all. There is a food court, East Java cultural ornaments, photo booth, the venue for live music, table and chairs, as well as a seat resembling a large pillow. All the facilities that can be enjoyed for free.

3. New Bridge Kenjeran Surabaya
Many who call the bridge Bridge Suroboyo many also call it the bridge of Kenjeran.
On 9 July 2016 Surabaya Mayor Bu Amira has inaugurated the new bridge that was in Surabaya Kenjeran.
New bridge Surabaya is one of road infrastructure in the form of a bridge. And this resembles the viaduct forms a bow … cool right??
In addition to a unique Bridge construction that became the attraction of the bridge of Surabaya was “Dancing Fountains”.

4. Hanging garden Surabaya
Not some old hose Bu Amira as Mayor of Surabaya back inaugurated the beautiful places in Surabaya.
Is A Hanging Garden. Yes, it was hanging among the old buildings on the road Tunjungan Surabaya.
Culinary Festival coincided Surabaya Surabaya hanging Garden was established on July 26, 2016.
In addition we presented beautiful Greenery. We can also take pictures at area here with the backing of the road Tunjungan.
Especially if the evening we could see the beautiful paper lanterns from the top here.

5. Color colorful Kampung Bulak
Colorful hometown, yes it looks like in this very cool viral photos in Colorful.
In the year 2016 Malang inaugurated the new tourist Destinations. I.e. Colorful Hometown in the area of Jodipan.
So are Surabaya though not yet established this going Colorful Hometown could replace the Colorful Hometown in Malang.
Colorful Surabaya is located in Kampung areas Bulak. The coastal area that was once a seedy transformed into colorful beautiful.

6. GBT Surabaya racing circuit
Surabaya, is one of the Pemudanya many hobby racing wildly in the streets.
I also often find him really primarily Suburban in Surabaya.
And this obviously is very distracting to other road users. It also can cause accidents and a brawl in the street.
Although it has often been in sweeping by Apparatus, hobbies and Racing Drag this wild yet also lost.
Therefore, the Government is now trying to facilitate youth hobby Surabaya florist Surabaya by building a racing circuit.
This racing circuit built at Gelora Bung Tomo Stadium, the new pride of the citizens of Surabaya.
More precisely in the area of TPS Romokalisari. This racing circuit still in construction progress Together.
I predicted the end of the Year 2016 it will be soon in Surabaya Mayor launches And Pal no longer need to race in the streets.
7. the Sdt
Yes, this one is pretty familiar once let alone yesterday’s entry in the Google Ads.
If this photo definitely look PAL traveller know. Place a pile of cars this was the best Photo Spots in Surabaya.
Is the Sdt, a station which had long stood in the Sidotopo area of Kenjeran.
Actual Stack train cars that cool is not an official tour. So really closed the access to this place.
So if PAL wants to photograph this cool place to ria should ask for permission first to the Sdt.
How cool-cool right? The latest attractions in Surabaya.

So if a mandatory visit to Surabaya PAL 7 latest attractions in surabaya. For those of you who could not yet clear under koment.
And for those of you who are from outside Surabaya wants to place above can contact me. God willing I will help guide.